Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thank you.

So regarding my post earlier this week....

Most of you suspected and emailed me. :) It was regarding my job.

As many of you know, these last few months have been very trying. It's difficult working for an absent boss. It's difficult to continue, to be questioned on everything that "used" to be standard. It's difficult to have to rebuild from scratch the relationship you had with someone. It's not that I was mistreated or anything, but it just started to becoming a "survival" job rather than a "growing" job....does that make any sense?? It was just a matter of time that my job would be ending, so I found a solution for all of us.

On Tuesday I met with Dan and his wife to discuss working for them as a contractor rather than an employee. Basically, I was quitting my job and asking to keep there business, talk about a hard sell. But all it took was a little, "this is best for you and for me" and they were in. This relieves them of the liabilities that come with having an employee and it allows me to grow, expand, and someday maybe make more.

SO, my last technical day as an employee is this Friday. So now I'm moving offices, getting a DBA, a new bank account....its all happening and I'm freaking out.

Please keep us lifted up (and certainly don't ask us to go do anything) as I will not be paid for the entire month of May. :( I'll get my last paycheck on Monday and then I wait until I bill in June for May.....terrifying!

For those of you wanting to hear about my RHC. I'm still working out, but my diet went to CRAP this week and last. I'm horrified at how I've been eating. Why is it that once you start eating bad, its so hard to stop again. For example, I ate well all last week knowing that during the weekend I would blow it b/c of the film and all the guests etc. So since last Wednesday I have successfully cheated on my diet at least once a day - if not more:
wednesday: big mac & fries with hannah
thursday: pappa's brothers au gratin potatoes
friday: um, was pretty good worst think i ate was brisket
saturday: not terrible ceaser salad at pappadeaux
sunday: HORRIBLE! chips, salsa, cake, chorizo and eggs....i didn't eat any structured meal besides breakfast and after that all i had were junky sides since i don't eat crawfish or shrimp
monday: italian bistro tortellini vodka
tuesday: good - right on diet
wedsnesday:snooty pig pot roast day; cheeseburger when i bought kai nuggets

Whats funny is I feel like CRAP, but I can't stop myself from saying, "one more meal." and then it'll be the weekend and I'll say, "but its the weekend." and we have company again (i know, i'm feeling like hotel gundersen - but they are all great so no complaints here) so i'll say, "but we have company." i can now totally tell that i'm an emotional eater. the last week (starting last Tuesday) has been very stressful, and look at what I eat on those days....ugh. hopefully venting here will make me shape up.

Oh, did I mention that my partner in RHC is pregnant and is no longer doing it with me. I guess that is another reason for the lack in motivation. It helped knowing that someone else was doing it with me. Anyone interested??? :)

If anyone can think of great names for my new company please let me know i'm stumpped. something with office management, solutions, bookkeeping, account services.....i dunno, but i'm looking for that catchy work to go with it.....ANYONE?!!?!?

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