Friday, March 30, 2007

Not again.....

Be praying for Kai. We have to go BACK to the dr today b/c he's getting sick again and its FRIDAY!!! Been coughing bad for three day, took a four hour nap yesterda (we had to wake him) and massive diarreha....ugh! Kids. Don't worry about me, I'm taking all kindas of stuff

Also, check out Nate Sallies new cd. SO awesome, a lot like Ben Folds in my mind. You totally hear his heart too. I cried the whole way back to work after I bought it. And if you know me, that is RARE!!! (Crying, that is)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just because....

He's adorable!!
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Kai & Poppy!!!

Kai went through an odd phase a few weeks ago where he didn't want much to do with my dad. Well, he's finally coming back around. We walked in on Sunday and he grabbed this book and jumped in Daddy's lap. NOTHING makes me happier!! :)

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First pics....

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He's Here!!!!

Cade has made his arrival!!!

5 lbs, 13oz 19.5 inches

SIL made labor look like a breeze!!! Called at 9:30 and she was a five and by the time I got there around 10:30 she was a seven, 10 by noon, baby arrived after 19 minutes of pushing!!! :) Will post pics tonight from home.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SO disappointing...

The train arrived today. I was thrilled, the toddler was not impressed. :( Give him a few days.

I'm distraught over death today. A 15-month old was killed near where I grew up while under the care of a nanny today. She was struck by a tow truck leaving the home. I'm horrified at the thought of what the family and the nanny are going through. Its amazing what one second can mean. It made me run home and love on my baby. I hate when things like this happen b/c my mind can't let them go. I can't imagine the pain. But it also serves as a great reminder to watching our babies....

I also learned of an associate who lost her significant other today. Ugh....

On to better news, Sister-in-law is being induced at 6 am tomorrow!!! :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

OMG!!! Yall, I am SO freaking excited right now it isn't even funny. Like, seriously, I might not be able to sleep for awhile. Why, you ask?!?! Because E-bay is SO exhilarating!!

So, I logged on my computer tonight and checked all of the usual sites, etc. Well, I looked at my blog to see pics of the if I don't see him enough. ANYWAY, I saw the picture of Kai on the train and notice that it said, "playskool" not little tykes as I had posted. So I got this great idea to google it. WELL, I FREAKING FOUND IT. Craigs list had them for around $75 with pickup, but then I saw one on ebay and lo-and-behold the auction ended in ten minutes and the darn thing was only $10!!!! (well, $35 in shipping). I spent the next 10 minutes hitting refresh until BAM!! It's MINE!!! (I should say Kais)


Um, did I mention how excited I am. Gosh. I hope it comes soon!!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

I got the bug....

The planting bug! :)

We've been spending A LOT of time outside recently. Kai just loves playing out there, so I go and sit and watch him. Well, I woke up this morning knowing that I'd be outside most of the day, so I decided to find my own thing to play with as I have read every magazine in my house. So, I hopped out of bed, dressed Kai and off we were to the plant ranch! :)

I bought "hot red" lantana. The type that grows up, not out and moss roae to go in front of it. You see, last year I planted begonias and they ALL died!!!! Lantana is hreaty and hard to kill, so hopefully it'll still be alive in august.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Big Boy

These pictures are to show you what a big boy Kai is becoming. It almost saddens me, he looks less like a baby and more like a boy these days. This is Aunt Lyndee's baby shower gift, it wasn't going to be there in time, so we took a picture. Too bad it's in a store b/c its the best picture of Kai I have. I also wish I could photoshop out the drooled T-shirt...but whatever

Kai went to Mimi's friend Peppi's house one day to meet Baby Rylan. Peppi busted out this old school toy so we could keep talking and keep Kai entertained. It is battery operated and by far the best toy ever. It's Little Tykes brand and if anyone can locate it, I'd be willing to pay. (Dont' mom's toes look great?!?)

Vintage Kai

THese are from one year ago this week. It's so amazing how big he's gotten. I had almost forgotten how much drool there was...ugh!

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Precious Moments

As you read in my last few posts, we've been pretty under the weather. I spoiled Kai so much last week that once I got sick this week I don't think he quite understood. I have felt guilt all week for not being the most nurturing mom. But tonight, I was reminded that its ok. It's okay to take care of me sometimes, he understands.

Chad had his class and volleyball this evening. I was worried at first, but with the pain management going so well, I knew I could do it. About 4:45 Kai and I went outside. My child LIVES to be outside. He played and played while I sat and soaked in the healing sun.

Then we went to Wendys. When we got home I pulled out his little tikes picnic table and set out our food. We had out first picnic, we shared fries and chatted about the bird that was singing in the tree. Kai waved bye-bye to the passing cars and gave me kisses between bites. It was so special. It was one of those moments that you thanks god for being a mom and having that precious child. You thank God for the blessing that they continually add to your life.

Also, I have to mention that my sister in law is THIS CLOSE to having her baby. I'm almost thankful he didn't make his arrival yet since I've been so sick, i know selfish. I told her Monday that I'm almost more excited than she is. Just to know that someone else is about to know a love like no other is thrilling. To know that our boys are so close in age and will be attending the same childcare and growing up together is so wonderful. She's been sucha champ through her pregnancy. Honestly she makes me a little sick on how great she looks. She's going to make a wonderful mommy and I can't wait to meet my new nephew. I'll post as soon as he makes his debut. :) Due date is the 22nd, but I'm betting on Monday.

Well, it got worse.

You know, this post is to complain, vent, have a pity party, and praise. Yeah, I know, that's a lot of emotion.

Last week was so difficult with Kai being so sick. I had never had a an ear infection so I couldn't even relate to the pain he was in. I was home most all of the week babying my baby. On Thursday I began to get a scratchy throat, nothing new this time of the year.

Friday I woke up with a horrible cough and throat pain. But I was determined to keep my girls night. We had fun, but a shoooed everyone out by ten because I started feeling so bad. Chad left Friday evening for KC, so I knew I was in for a long weekend.

By Monday I was miserable. I didn't even sleep on Sunday night. The congestion was so bad that my face just ached. I called the dr first thing in the morning and got in. She said what I had was viral and there wasn't too much they could do but let it run its course. Not what I wanted to hear.

I continued to work all week. I was so far behind from missing most of last week. And its so hard since I'm the only employee....ugh, what I would do to have an assistant.

It also very hard to be sick around my husband, because he never gets sick, so he really can't sympathize much. I find myself constantly trying to prove to him how bad it is. But he was SO great this week. Taking care of Kai etc...

Wednesday Chad and I BOTH woke up with pink eye! OMG! Luckily the pedi had warned me that it might happen and told me to see the same drops as Kai if I got it. Needless to say, we didn't go to church. Thankfully, the pink eye went away fast since we already knew what it was and caught it early.

Thursday morning I woke up with a horrible earache, something I have never had before. I called the dr again and got an antibiotic finally. But something still wasn't right. I went to bed Thursday night...but not for very long. at 1:30 a piercing pain shot through my ears. I immediately sat up and starting praying. I woke Chad up to lay hands on me. We prayed continually for a I think an hour. And the pain went away. At 330 the same thing happened again but worse. I told Chas we needed to go to the hospital, I couldn't take the pain. But the the rationale side of me figured there was no point going there, sitting for two hours and paying $200 when my dr office would be opening about the time I'd be seen.

We stayed awake praying and reading until Chad had to leave for work. Sometime later I must have fallen back asleep but I woke up at 730 and Merrilee was here getting Kai up for me. I was so thankful. I got into the doctor at ten. Double ear infection. Nice. I feel so bad that babies go through such pain.

They gave me a shot and told me to go home and sleep. That shot took all the pain away and chad and I slept for almost 4 hours.

I'm feeling better now. Still pain, but at least we are managing it.

I can't thank my husband enough for helping me so much this week. He really stepped it up when I needed him. Literally taking care of me and getting anything I needed when I needed it. He also made sure that someone could help me if he couldn't be here. He's so great.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ear infection and pink eye

Yup, that's about all I have to say about that. :( Oh well, I get a few more days at home with my man! I just hope he starts feeling better. Poor kid!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Okay, okay...I'll update my blog!

So much for all of my new years resolutions. I think the only one I've been doing good at is the reading the Word and praying part....guess that *is* the most important, right??
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