Wednesday, April 20, 2005

17 weeks, 3 days

It's been awhile since I've posted. I guess that's mainly because I don't have much to report.

I've been feeling very well recently, except I've been plagued with a few back issues. I keep forgetting that my body is under different stresses. I got motivated last week to clean out the future nursery. It was stacked with boxes that we were too lazy to go through since moving. All I wanted to do was push a box from Point A to Point B...they weren't even that far apart, but as soon as I did it SHARP pains shot through my back. UGH! That really sucked. I had the worst time trying to sleep that night.

The next day I called my OB and he gave me Darvocet for the pain. I'm terrified to take it. How can that possibly be okay to take when pregnant? He assured me that we'd be fine, but I've only taken them when in MAJOR pain. I started feeling better over the weekend and then (without thinking) tried to move a box at work Monday and repeated the injury.

I keep feeling little thumps. It was hard at first because I didn't know if it was gas or movement. Everyone said movement felt like flutters...not to me. These are little jabs. I'm more confident that they are kicks now. I've actually felt one from the outside as well. They are very few and far between, but each one reminds me that I'm growing a baby!!

I'm looking so forward now to preparing for Kai's arrival.

I ordered my crib and changing table on Saturday. I get to pick it up on Friday. I'm very excited to see it in person. I have to wait and order the bedding until my next AMEX billing cycle since we bought a mower this month. As soon as I get the bedding in I can paint the room. And then I'll feel more like we are getting ready. I'm so excited!

I also have my first shower almost on the books. Tamara & Lyndee are throwing me a pool party shower in June. I'm happy we are doing it before it gets to hot and I get too big. I'm planning on most of the ladies in my church and friends being there. And then my Aunt Judy has offered to throw one as well...hers will be mainly family and moms friends. It'll also be closer to my due date, in August.

Oh, so I've gained about 8-10lbs. I don't think that's too bad. Some of it has to be muscle with all the weight training I've been doing. I'm starting to look more pregnant. Maternity pants are now a must. I'm still getting by with some of my normal, longer shirts. But, they are starting to look a little silly. I found a favorite store in Southlake Town Square, The Mother's Place. They sell all top brands. I love how wonderful expensive clothing feels. Chad said I could buy a few pieces for our NYC trip next weekend.

Finally, I feel sleep deprived. Mom says that I'll be sleep deprived for the next 18 years, so get used to it. But I just hate it!! I'm not peeing as much anymore, but I think its the body changes that are waking me up. I feel my tummy every time I move, so it's probably what's waking me up. Then I just sit there. And when I do sleep, I wake up not feeling very sucks!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

15 weeks, 3 days

For the first time in months I feel extremely ill. I got to work and when I started to make my oatmeal I noticed that I was nauseous. I don't think I noticed on the drive in since its dark (I know that sounds weird, but its true).

I'm currently drinking some iced tea and trying to get the oatmeal down. I'm hoping that I'm just hungry. Otherwise, I might need to go lay down.