Tuesday, October 06, 2009


We've been getting in a much better habit around the house of cleaning
before bed. There for awhile after Kenlee was born I was just too
tired to fight the battle of cleaning with Kai. This evening after
Kenlee was put down and Cade, Nana and Chad R had left, I put on Peter
Pan and headed to clean the kitchen. I kept hearing distance noise,
but didn't check it out right away.

When I finally left the kitchen, Kai wasn't in the living room like I
thought....he wasn't in his bed room....I walk into my room to see Kai
rounding the corner of my bed with his hands full of various things.
Stuffed dog, shirt, bra...you get the idea. He goes and puts
everything on my big ugly red chair that I love. I ask, "Whatcha
doin' Kai?" "I'm cleaning your room, Mom. Because I love you and we
have to clean ALLLLLL this mess up before bed." Sure enough, anything
that had been on the floor now resided on the big ugly red chair. I
stepped back out and looked in Kai's room...everything was put away.
Looked in the living room...no toys out.

What a sweet sweet boy I have!!

(I'm trying not to think about the fact that I had sorted through some
old clothes just hours before and now I have to resort....)