Thursday, September 24, 2009

I love it.

This morning Kai sat eating his oatmeal and gazing out the window as
Chad was finishing up his eggs.
Kai says, "I love it." In a soft -tender voice.
Chad smiles and says, "I love oatmeal, too Buddy!"
Kai, "No dad, I really love my trampoline."

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello, tap tap tap, this thing on??

Ooops. Don't you just hate it when you forget you even have a blog? Uh, whoops.

I never imagined how busy my life could be when being a stay at home mom. Seriously, all the thoughts I ever had about SAHMs while I was a working mom - yeah, SO wrong. I guess that's because when I was working I felt excused when the laundry piled up or dust collected in corners of the house. I mean, hey, I'm working. But now I find that I'm running ever more's just I'm focused on different things.

Today, I woke up at 6:30 am. I nursed the baby, played with the baby, made breakfast, ate breakfast, drove husband to the airport, hit up McDs for an iced coffee (a daily stop), napped baby, started one of SEVEN loads of laundry, cleaned kitchen, vacuumed living room, played a nanas, made lunch, ate lunch, bathed preschooler, napped baby, cleaned living room, folded laundry, napped preschooler, NAPPED! (this NEVER happens anymore), folded more laundry, made dinner, cleaned living room, nursed baby, served dinner to family (including nana & nephew), watched nephew while nana ran errands, bathed baby with nephew, played with all kids, nursed baby, put baby to bed, cleaned living room, folded laundry, loved on preschooler, put preschooler to bed, picked up living room,, laying in bed at 8:30 pm.

Now, I am NOT complaining about this day. But when I look at it, I have to laugh at how many times I cleaned the living room and its still a mess. I still haven't put all of the clothes away and NOTHING is organized. I feel like I worked all day, well except for the nap *grin*, but nothing looks any different around here. How is that possible?? Okay, our drawers are more full and the hamper is less full...but as for the state of my home?? Looks just like it did this morning. Will I ever be ahead?? I have such a hard time staying on top of the necessary thing that I feel like I'll never get around to the details. Repainting baseboards, blinds, organizing closets, etc... I mean, if I started any of those projects I'd fall behind in the ones I *have* to get done.

Okay, and maybe I'm slightly moody because I started eating better today. Eating better should make me feel better but the first day or so always feel cruddy. I planned out all of my meals and snacks on for the entire week. It's much higher in calories than I would usually eat to lose, but I'm nursing. So, I'm just going to start high and slowly decrease the calories.

Sunday, September 06, 2009


Nursing with a Preschooler around is pretty funny. At first he just stared. Then he asked a few questions like, "Is she chewing on your nipple?" But it never occured to me that he didn't understand that only MOMMY can give Kenlee her milk. Last night when Nana was having a hard time getting Kenlee to take a bottle, Kai says, "Nana, give her some of your milk." Nana replies, "well, kai, she isn't wanting this bottle," Kai, "No, Nana, YOUR milk" Hahaha....Nana then "got" what Kai was saying and explained only Kenlee's mommy could give her milk.