Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Friday, May 18, 2007

Maybe I'll finish this time....

I've started four blogs recently and never finished them, hopefully I'll follow through today.

I'm impulsive. Maybe a little too much sometimes. Impulsive is a funny feature for someone of my nature (ahem-tightwad) to have. I'm all tight and everything, esp with my dear husbands desires, but when when I'm ready, I'm ready.

So, today, I helped a client with picking up and taking people to the airport. On the way there I heard a commercial on 94.9 for the dump. I had actually heard this commercial earlier in the week for a bed sale starting Friday at 10. No big deal, hear a commercial, decide you'll visit the store sometime, done. Well, as I was leaving the airport I heard the freaking commercial again and thought, "you know, i'm right down the street from there right now." Maybe I'll just swing in.

Well, I stinking bought a bed! I'm not even kidding. Its not totally out of the blue as we've been looking...and even last night we discussed how we hated sleeping on the squeaky bed frame. So, I walk into this store, found the bed of my dreams, paid for it (well, financed it -D - don't worry, its only three payments), left. Delivered in two hours.

Yup, I'm typing this blog from my new, non squeaky bed.

Ps, have you seen these hilarious GO MEAT commercials?? Who is the genious that thought of that?? I meant they are so annoying and catchy....makes me want to go buy hillshire farms!