Monday, January 31, 2005

6 weeks

Well, we had a pretty busy weekend. Friday we managed to move all of the "big" furniture into our home before the rain started back up. Yippe! So we were able to sleep in our new house for the first time. Very different. In the apartment, we had about a foot all around the bed for, we have like 8 feet. Our furniture looks so small!

The apartment is now a disaster area. All of our junk is on the floor since all of our cabinets and shelving have been moved. It's so stressful to have TWO homes in pieces. Its nice to know we have a month to finish the move. I anticipate that we will continue going to the apartment to grab what we need/want, and whatever is left over will go to charity.

Saturday was a rough day for me. We got up at 8 for the alarm guy to install the alarm, only to find out he couldn't do so since the phone wasn't hooked up yet. Boo! So, we went to Waffle House, which ended up making me very ill. I've determined that these all-natural prenatal vitamins are what is making me so sick. Every time I take them I want to throw up whatever I last ate, but if I don't take them I'm fine. So, I have decided to stop taking them until my doctors appointment tomorrow when they will give me the real prenatal vitamins.

Chad and I decided to try to move some small stuff, but I basically laid in bed and told him what to make sure to get. I'm very happy he is as understanding as he is. By the afternoon, I was feeling a bit better and was able to shower and go to Home Depot, my new favorite store. Chad played with his new big screen TV while waiting for the cable guys. The cable people were supposed to be there between 1 and 4, they showed up at six! So annoying. Chad paid them an extra $100 to run our speaker wires through the attic. We now have the hottest system in town! :)

Sunday, as usual, we went to church. The guest minister preached on salt and being salt and every time he said "salt" I started to get more nauseous. Afterward we went to my mother-in-law's for lunch. She has offered to keep the baby in the afternoons, until I get home from work, if I can find morning care. Apparently a good friend of mine from church is wanting to start an in-home care business, I'll have to talk to her about that the next time I see her. Merrilee and I will talk more about it later, but that would be a great help. I had to leave pretty quick because Meagan's shower was at 2 and I was meeting mom at 1:30. When I left my in-laws all decided to go work on my house (I'm so blessed).

The shower was a lot of fun. Meagan definitely did a better job at registering than I did. Of course, she mainly got barware, so maybe that was it. I didn't register for serving pieces, which I have lived to regret. I guess I can ask to borrow hers. :) After she opened gifts for two straight hours, she announced to the room that I was pregnant. It meant a lot to me that she wanted to do so at 'her' special event.

I was so tired after leaving the shower, that I had already decided that I was going to take a nap as soon as I got home. I was defeated thinking about all the stuff I still had to put away (at both places). When I pulled up to the house I noticed that everyone's cars were still there, which was odd because they had been there for over four hours. When I walked in everything was put away for me, the tarps were off the floors, and they were painting the hallway. I was in shock! I didn't have to do anything...which was good since I was feeling rather puny.

This morning was pretty rough. I knew I couldn't do my usual Monday ballcap since I have a luncheon to attend, so that sucked! I got up and put a bagel in the toaster, by the time I took it out I was too nauseous to eat it. The smell repulsed me. Then I got all dressed planning to wear my brown boots, only to realize that one is still at the apartment...grrrr! As I was leaving I grabbed a tortilla, purposing to eat it on the way to work....I ate a bite, but threw the rest out after I got to work, yuck. Then I saw someone carrying in a box of corn flakes and it stirred in me that I wanted Frosted Flakes. Yea! I was hungry for something. I ran upstairs to the onsite cafeteria and bought some Frosted Flakes and my one coke for the day....and life is good again!!

So, the weekend is over, the house is painted, the apartment is in disarray, I'm off the prenatals, I never want to hear the word salt again, and all I want to eat today is Frosted Flakes!

Have a great Monday!

Friday, January 28, 2005

5 weeks, 4 days

I have never been more tired in all of my life. I think my new bedtime is 8pm. It's terrible. I sleep whenever I have a free minute. During lunch, I crawl up with a blanket under my desk and nap. This is crazy!

It's been really hard this week because we've been trying to finish up the house so we can move in. Go figure now its supposed to rain all weekend. BOO! We've been up late and up early all week. I really just need a break. I figured once we move in I can sleep more.

Also, this week has started something very new in my aversions. This is where a food you once liked, makes you want to puke. Just thinking about certain foods as I'm writing this makes my tummy turn knots. I've never been one to have a weak stomach, so I'm not quite sure what to make of all of this. Sometimes, as I'm putting food in my mouth, I want to gag. I've actually even spit a few things out. Good things, like pepperjack cheese...where is this coming from??!?

I've been living off of soups, apples, and an occasional salad. And the aversions vary day by I never know what I'm going to be in the mood for that day. So far since being pregnant I've lost 6 lbs. Which is normal....I guess your body likes to give you a break before it packs on 25 lbs. The tiredness mixed with the aversions, make me feel sick, however, no signs of "true" morning sickness have shown up...That is a relief.

So far no big cravings, the other night I really wanted oatmeal cookies and milk...but I was too tired to get up and cook.

The Beginning...

Well, this is my blog. :) My friend Angel has been blogging for months and I have had a great time reading his thoughts. Upon finding out I am pregnant, I thought it would be a good way to track everything. So here we go....

It all began back in October... I had a minor surgery to remove a cyst from my ovary. While in there, the doctors noticed that I had endometriosis, a disease that commonly causes infertility. They went ahead and cleaned up all that they could while there, but I ran the risk of it coming back with every next period. After surgery the doctor gave me some options: have a baby soon, take a stronger birth control pill, or take no BC pill. I opted not to take a pill for many reasons, but babies still weren't on the list...even though, I ran the risk of not having one. Chad and I decided it was time to break out the calendar and start counting days of ovulation, etc...

Skip forward three months, January 18, 2005. I'm two days late with no signs of starting. After six cups of coffee and still not snapping out of it, I get up to make my presentation and it hits me like a ton of bricks, "What if you're pregnant?" I shake it off long enough to give my presentation. As I'm walking back to the office I'm running through my head things like ovulation dates, sex, and the fact that my boob's hurt pretty bad, as well as how tired I am.

Driving home I decide I'm going to take a pregnancy test. In case you don't already know, a sure fire way to get your period is to take a pregnancy test. As soon as you take one, you start...always, well, almost always. When I get home I have to pee pretty bad, so now is the best time. I grab the emergency pregnancy test (you get these when you go off the pill) from under the sink. No sooner than the urine hits the stick there are two lines.

Two lines!! All I remember is that everything in the room went white, I got hot, and fear struck. I spent the next few minutes pacing through the apartment repeating, "Oh my, Oh my." Then I thought I might be wrong so I ran back in the bathroom to double check that I did, in fact, see two lines. Yup, two lines. Then I start digging through the directions to make sure that two means pregnant...yup. Wow. Then I realized I needed my husband to get home ASAP...

I called Chad right away, all the while trying not to sound too excited. We were supposed to go paint the new house, so that was my excuse for wanting him home right away. He says he's about to head home...I tell him to hurry. I sit on the couch, no lights, no TV...nothing...just waiting and thinking of all the ways life is about to change. I call two more times, almost home. I then realize that I might look suspicious if I am sitting in the dark, so I turn on the TV. The door opens...

When Chad walks in he does his usual routine. When he makes it to the couch he asks why I didn't go run, I replied, "Well, why don't you sit down." He wants to go check his email instead...I insist that he sits down. Once next to me, I cut right to the chase...

"We're going to have a baby." We sat in silence together. I think we were both going thought all of the ways things are going to change. One of the next sentences he uttered was, "Your sister is going to kill you," or "You suck at counting." Both in good fun. We sat talking about how neat it was, and how to tell people. Chad wanted to remain seated for quite awhile.

My parents were in Cabo, so telling them right away was out. We didn't want to tell too many people since we didn't want to overshadow Meagan's wedding...I didn't want to tell Meagan until I told my parents. We decided we'd only tell parents for now. So we ran over to my mother-in-law's house to tell her the good news. She cried and got very excited, naturally. We felt bad saying that she couldn't tell anyone yet.

The next two days were extremely hard for me. By now I was really feeling some of the effects of pregnancy and just wanted someone to talk to about it. Thursday night, January 20th, was the night we were going to tell mom and dad. Chad couldn't have gotten off work any later! I waited and waited over at mom and dad's for him. When we finally told them we all decided to wait until after Meagan's shower to tell her and mom's friends. I mean, it was only 2 weeks away at that time. Well, no sooner than we finished discussing the game plan, did Meagan call. Dad says, "Sissy has something really important to tell you."

And so the cat is out of the bag...

(Except mom's friends who still won't find out until after the shower on Sunday. I'm not one to steal thunder!)