Monday, February 12, 2007


Okay, so clearly if you look below, I got picture happy tonight. :) I haven't posted in awhile, not sure why exactly. I've been pretty busy with work and trying to keep up with Kai. I'll try to update more often. Enjoy the cutie!!

Super Bowl Entertainment

After making the party rounds, Mommy and Kai opted for the quiet Super Bowl Party at home. We cleaned house, folded laundry, and played with toys. I sat down on the couch jsut in time for the half time show (nothing like Prince singing in the rain). ANYWAY, I could hear Kai behind me, but I couldn't see him. I figured he was just playing with a toy. Every now and then I'd hear a "wooosh" but didn't thik about it. The the "wooshs" got more frequent. I looked over the couch and low-and-behold....

.....Hahaha...these just make me laugh, how can you ever be mad?!?! He was so organized in his efforts. :)
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I love to read!

The house got very quiet the other day, and any mom will tell you, that is when its time to go looking. I often go quietly at first to see if I can sneek up on kai doing something cute. On this day I found him in his play room sitting with his cup, a truck, and his big book about trucks (aka, best $5 bucks i've ever spent). He was reading and talking to himself. I tried to get out my awesome new video camera, but the darn thing had no cell.....grrr....anyway, so cute.

This picture should be dubbed "stupid-things-we-teach-our-children-and-then-repeatedly-make-them-do-it." We like to call this, "what's in your mouth."

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I've finally come to terms with this so I'll post it. Two weeks ago, Kai and I were playing around while I was making the bed. He'd crawl away and I'd flip him over and tickle him. My husband was sitting nearby and yelled, "he's gonna get hurt." I laughed. Well, until about two seconds later when my baby's face smaxhed into the bedside table....this was the result. He wasn't too upset about it, but I sure was. I didn't take him in public for days. He even got a black eye!!!

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