Sunday, January 21, 2007


I did good last week. I ate well, I lifted, I ran....I did good. I'm proud. I feel a little determined. It wasn't all that bad. I went on my terms and on my time, and I don't feel I missed a lot of Kai time in order to do it (which has been my excuse).

I worked out during the day at lunch. I got in and out in thirty min with a hard lifting routine. On the off days, Chad picked up Kai which allowed me to go run for 30min after work. I even went on Saturday!

Diet went okay. Chad says I'm not eating enough, but I'm in that stage where it is difficult to convince myself to eat more in order to lose weight. Yesterday I stopped by my neighborhood health food store for some digestive enzymes and other healthy things to take when dieting.

I'm prepared for this week. I have a busy next weekend planned, so I know I really need to stay on course.

I'm three days behind in my Bible reading so I better get on it. Hope you all have a great week!!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Just call me moody. I'm not sure if its the weather, the job, the husband, or all of the above, but I am MOODY today.

I hate days like this. I know I'm in a funk. I know I have no real reason to be, but I am.

Well, maybe I do have reasons. Kai woke up at 530am, I let him fuss until about 615. I finally got up, got my coffee, his milk, and headed to get him...what that, no noise?!? Yup, he went back to bed...ugh. So now *I* am wide awake and he's sleeping. And I eventually had to WAKE him, I NEVER do that, but I had to feed him before I headed to work. At least he was in a great mood all morning, because when I picked him up....

I am a bit concerned because my sitter is trying to sell her house, so every time it shows they all have to leave and Kai's naps get interrupted. I'm not mad by any means, because I love her and totally want them to sell that house....I just wish it didn't interfere with Kai's napping. He only napped 30 min all day. UGH! What a grouch!!! Its just not even fun. When we are at home he sleeps 2.5 hours!! We got home and I tried to feed him. HA! When I was preparing my dinner, Kai threw ALL of his on the floor. Oh I was mad. I think it was the first time I really got on to him by saying, "mommy is mad that you did this. it makes mommy have to clean a lot more and play less." I believe he understood as he felt the need to squat down and pick up peas and carrots off the floor.

There is more to this funky day, but I'm too tired to post it. I'm ready to end this day and start the new one.

Oh, and the Office rocks!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Roll your eyes all you want, but that is how I feel today. Ever have those days where your jeans are just slightly tighter than usual? Your shirt hugs a little more in the tummy area than it normally does? Ugh. And go figure that it is also the day that I go out for two meals. Rockfish for lunch and Carrabbas for dinner...yup, I'm not losing any weight!

I did, however, receive the jeans that Zafu recommended for my body type....PERFECT! I'm so happy. I went through the whole questionnaire, etc. They recommended the Victoria's Secret Boyfriend cut jeans in a size 8 or 10. I bought both sizes since I had to order online, figuring I'd send the pair that didn't fit back. Of course, I tried on the 10 first (duh, always go down!)....hum, decent fit, a little gaping in the back, but overall not to bad. The 8's fit my body like a glove. I'm thrilled.

I have a major problem b/c I have a large booty and a tiny waist (i know, poor me) BUT it sucks trying to find jeans. They either fit my butt or fit my waist, but never both. These were great!!

Oh, ps...are these not the most HORRID things you've ever seen.....seriously! $68?!?!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Do I have to title these??

So, mom left town for Hawaii today. I already totally miss her. I know, I'm 27, what's the big deal? Well, unlike most, I talk to my mom at least 5 times a day. Seriously. Once on the way to work, several times during the day (if not calling, then emailing), on the way home, and after my son is asleep. I know, its odd, but she's like my best friend. I tell her everything. She's the one who knocks sense into me when I'm being unreasonable and she the one in my corner when I feel hurt by others...she's my mom!

Anyway, they left around 11. We had already talked 3 times and one email before then. :) I'm assuming they are just arriving in Maui since its 8pm here. I had some interesting things happen today.

For starters, why don't men think things through?!? (CD-If you read this I really don't care, just wish Chad would have told me). Chad has known for several weeks that the producer for *hopefully* his next film project was coming into town today to meet with investors. I asked Chad a couple of days ago to let him know he was more than welcome to stay with us. I asked Chad a few days later if he'd be staying here, Chad replied that he didn't know. Well today I'm at work and Chad calls and says, "oh by the way KD is staying with us until Saturday." SAY WHAT!?!?

Thank goodness I cleaned out the guest bedroom (aka CVS Pharmacy) this weekend since we are having another guest stay with us Sunday night. But all I could think about was the food that Kai had flung on the floor during breakfast, the toys that were scattered about the house, and the I have no snack foods for guests. And the counters hadn't been wiped down and the floors needing vacuuming and are there toys in the tub that our guest will be bathing in??!?! So I tell Chad, PLEASE try to pick things up for me or I'm going to leave work to do it myself. He assures me it'll be fine, um , I got home and nothing had been touched except the kitchen sink had been cleaned out and there was a towel with a bar of soap laid out in the guest bathroom. MEN!

Not that I think a man really cares if my floors are clean or if toys are everywhere...but it bothers me. Before Kai, I was such a neat and orderly person. Where has that gone?!?! Today I was in the guestroom and saw two cans of tomatoes on the floor, odd. Then there was another can in the hallway, followed by one on the coffee table and one int the play room. Yeah, *someone* enjoys carrying the canned goods alllllllll over my house. And the food on the floor. It doesn't matter if I get under that highchair the moment he throws somethings, there will ALWAYS be something I miss that forever attaches itself to my beautiful hardwood!!!!

Its funny because every night before bed we spend time cleaning these same old messes, but before I leave for work in the morning you could never tell. I wish we had little cleaning fairies that could come while you are at work everyday and straighten things so that when you get home everything looks nice and orderly.

Moving weekend will be so hectic. First off I have my house guest. Then Friday is the ladies meeting at church. Saturday is a friends babies first birthday. Sunday is Lyndee's (my sister in law) baby shower. Sunday night house guest #2 arrives.....oh, did I mention the potential for an ice storm during my SILs baby shower?!?!

My second house guest for the weekend is my cousin Trip. He's 7. His parents are going on a much needed cruise. The bad news is his mother's father (no relation to me) will most likely pass away when they are gone. (they will be here in time for the funeral and have already said their goodbyes). Its so sad he was diagnosed just before Christmas with pancreatic cancer and will most likely not survive the weekend. :( SO SAD! The cruise is business, not pleasure, so they feel they need to go, esp since he's already unconscious.

ANYWAY, what do you do with a 7 year old and a toddler?!? I was going to take them to the stock show on Monday, but given the current weather forecast, I'm not sure we'll want to be out. I'm thinking of building a huge fort in my game room using old sheets and ordering pizza and having a picnic. :) Would that be fun??

Wow, I need a shower before the guys get back. PRAISE THE LORD that I got another Chi iron for Christmas. Once again I don't *have* to dry my hair every time I wash it. I know, lazy bum!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Great weekend.

Well, today was one of those days where I just DON'T want to go back to work. Not because of the work, but because I love my son so much!!!

Motherhood is like a rollercoaster. I honestly believe that God gives mom's weekends (or days) like this one b/c he knows we need them to survive. Just when you've been dealt a hard week or few days with a screaming constantly whining toddler, you get the angel baby. It's a lot like childbirth and quickly forget the pains or sleepless nights when you look in that childs sweet face.

Anyway, we just had a great weekend. Kai was so good and played so well. We laughed a LOT, we cleaned together, we shopped together, we went to a special prayer service at church, we went to the was fabulous. *I* felt like crying when dropping him off this morning. He clung to my leg...ugh....soon, soon.

I have another massive headache. I'm seriously thinking a dr visit is in order.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jeans, Tummy Troubles, etc...

Hum, where to begin. After posting last night, I laid in bed trying to fall asleep with that massive headache. About an hour later I got up and threw up. YUCK! This is the 5th time in three months that eating after or during a headache has led to vomitting. One more time and I heading to the dr.

I was able to get up and out the door on time today, despite the puking from the night before. I ate really well all day, but for some reason it didn't make me feel any better (fuller) as it has in the past. Strange.

Funny story, I'll make this quick since I'm so sleepy. I made blackened chicken tonight in an effort to have good tasting diet food. As usual, i follow the directions on the packaging since this is my first time "blackening" anything. Well, I *almost* followed all of the directions. It said to prepare in a searing hot cast-iron skillet. Easy enough. The second line, "This form of cooking causes excessing smoke, do not prepare inside." Ha! FOOLS! Why would I prepare in my skillet using my grills side burner, that made zero sense...well, until the house filled with smoke. Like, I seriously opened every window and I still couldn't get it all out. UGH! Now its all I smell. I swear Kai and I arrived at church tonight smelling like chicken. YUCK!

Finally, I'm hoping that Zafu (thanks debbie for the refresher!) really knows what they are talking about. I just order my recommended jeans and they weren't cheap. But i'll do anything to find the perfect pair. And when I do find them, I will buy tons! I LOVE JEANS!!! (If only jeans would start to love my body type).

Okay, must sleep. Have a busy day tomorrow. Hair appointment, client appointment, and for the first time in a month, visit my boss.

OH! of my clients has offered to hire me in the event that my job goes to crap. :) YAY!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


i hate this time of year. i LOVE november thru december, but come january first....ugh. why? its because every year we are supposed to make resolutions. instead of making you feel better, they make you feel worse b/c you realize you never stuck to last years, and the year before that, so why bother?!? because THIS year you're going to stick to it.....RIIIGHT!!!pound.

so what are mine, you ask.... i'm still coming up with them. our church does a yearly fast and during that time you reflect on things you want to see come to pass. this will be friday thru sunday night, so no blogging during that time for me. anyway, i've already started the list...

1. duh, lose 15 pounds. i've been 140 for a year now..time to drop some weight. fifteen puts me at my wedding weight.

2. take better care of my skin. weird, right? well, i'm horrible about applying lotions, taking that chipping nail polish off, *ahem* shaving (yeah, after mommyhood left me rushing through shower, shaving became a luxury!), etc... this year i want to tap into my girly side and take better care of my skin.

...okay, my head is throbbing since i made it to the gym for the first time in a long time and i ate well....i thought these things were supposed to make you feel BETTER!?!?!