Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jeans, Tummy Troubles, etc...

Hum, where to begin. After posting last night, I laid in bed trying to fall asleep with that massive headache. About an hour later I got up and threw up. YUCK! This is the 5th time in three months that eating after or during a headache has led to vomitting. One more time and I heading to the dr.

I was able to get up and out the door on time today, despite the puking from the night before. I ate really well all day, but for some reason it didn't make me feel any better (fuller) as it has in the past. Strange.

Funny story, I'll make this quick since I'm so sleepy. I made blackened chicken tonight in an effort to have good tasting diet food. As usual, i follow the directions on the packaging since this is my first time "blackening" anything. Well, I *almost* followed all of the directions. It said to prepare in a searing hot cast-iron skillet. Easy enough. The second line, "This form of cooking causes excessing smoke, do not prepare inside." Ha! FOOLS! Why would I prepare in my skillet using my grills side burner, that made zero sense...well, until the house filled with smoke. Like, I seriously opened every window and I still couldn't get it all out. UGH! Now its all I smell. I swear Kai and I arrived at church tonight smelling like chicken. YUCK!

Finally, I'm hoping that Zafu (thanks debbie for the refresher!) really knows what they are talking about. I just order my recommended jeans and they weren't cheap. But i'll do anything to find the perfect pair. And when I do find them, I will buy tons! I LOVE JEANS!!! (If only jeans would start to love my body type).

Okay, must sleep. Have a busy day tomorrow. Hair appointment, client appointment, and for the first time in a month, visit my boss.

OH! of my clients has offered to hire me in the event that my job goes to crap. :) YAY!


Emily said...

Yay you are back!!! Kai is absolutely precious! My how he has grown!!! Hope you are feeling better...look forward to reading more! Missed ya and have a blessed 2007!

Debbie said...

Okay Blackened chicken is on my menu for next week> I may have to delete it now.
If those jeans fit let me konw. I have only had one pair that I loved. I'm always up for a better pair.
Let me know how you vist went.
And that is great news to hear about a job. I'd been praying about that.

Liz said...

yay - job possibility sounds great! keep me posted! also, what's the scoop on those jeans? what kind did you order?