Thursday, January 18, 2007


Just call me moody. I'm not sure if its the weather, the job, the husband, or all of the above, but I am MOODY today.

I hate days like this. I know I'm in a funk. I know I have no real reason to be, but I am.

Well, maybe I do have reasons. Kai woke up at 530am, I let him fuss until about 615. I finally got up, got my coffee, his milk, and headed to get him...what that, no noise?!? Yup, he went back to bed...ugh. So now *I* am wide awake and he's sleeping. And I eventually had to WAKE him, I NEVER do that, but I had to feed him before I headed to work. At least he was in a great mood all morning, because when I picked him up....

I am a bit concerned because my sitter is trying to sell her house, so every time it shows they all have to leave and Kai's naps get interrupted. I'm not mad by any means, because I love her and totally want them to sell that house....I just wish it didn't interfere with Kai's napping. He only napped 30 min all day. UGH! What a grouch!!! Its just not even fun. When we are at home he sleeps 2.5 hours!! We got home and I tried to feed him. HA! When I was preparing my dinner, Kai threw ALL of his on the floor. Oh I was mad. I think it was the first time I really got on to him by saying, "mommy is mad that you did this. it makes mommy have to clean a lot more and play less." I believe he understood as he felt the need to squat down and pick up peas and carrots off the floor.

There is more to this funky day, but I'm too tired to post it. I'm ready to end this day and start the new one.

Oh, and the Office rocks!

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