Sunday, January 21, 2007


I did good last week. I ate well, I lifted, I ran....I did good. I'm proud. I feel a little determined. It wasn't all that bad. I went on my terms and on my time, and I don't feel I missed a lot of Kai time in order to do it (which has been my excuse).

I worked out during the day at lunch. I got in and out in thirty min with a hard lifting routine. On the off days, Chad picked up Kai which allowed me to go run for 30min after work. I even went on Saturday!

Diet went okay. Chad says I'm not eating enough, but I'm in that stage where it is difficult to convince myself to eat more in order to lose weight. Yesterday I stopped by my neighborhood health food store for some digestive enzymes and other healthy things to take when dieting.

I'm prepared for this week. I have a busy next weekend planned, so I know I really need to stay on course.

I'm three days behind in my Bible reading so I better get on it. Hope you all have a great week!!


Liz said...

good for you! i'm slacking big time on my running because I don't want to leave my warm house to go run and freeze my butt off. i have a million excuses lately, but i have been going to yoga a lot more, so at least that is good.

Debbie said...

How's the Bible Reading going? I'm so behind. I really need to catch up.
Hope you and the boys are doing well.