Monday, April 30, 2007

3 years

Yup, been married three years today. Wow.

Three years ago today I got seriously ill after my beach wedding. :) Good times.

We went to Papa's Brothers Steakhouse and reminisced over good times from the past three years. A lto has happened in three years. Deaths, births, marriages, divorces (more than we care to admit)....but we're still here, together, and working harder than ever to meet our goal.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ode to weathermen,,,I TRUST TROY!!!

But Delkus does Deliver.....

I'm sad to say.....and those of you who "really" know me are totally cracking up at how serious this is to me....but I now know that Troy's last day of being the Chief Meteorologist at WFAA Channel 8 is July 18th. Troy has been there for me, literally, my whole life.

I knew the days were drawing near, but I didn't know the official date. This is the man that inspired me to learn about the weather, so much so that I sometimes feel I can predict it. He gave me a passion for chasing storms...don't ask. He was the man that told me to get in my bathtub when I was at TCU for the Fort Worth tornado.... He was the one convincing me to get out of the bathtub/or basement of the library the 4 times I was there at UTA during tornadoes!! I love him.

And on such a personal level, he's such a GREAT guy. Strong christian. Philanthropist. Uh, LOVE HIM!!

But, we are moving on these days. As even the great Troy said, Dallas doesn't take well to newcomers. So, they have been breaking Delkus in for the last year. Troy only appears at six now. I'll admit, I wasn't happy at first. Not because I didn't like Pete, but I just didn't know him. What about Greg and Steve?!?! But now, I go to Pete. I like him. I'm loving the current commercials they have "Delkus Delivers." During the ice storms and tornadoes this years, he's put me to ease... I trust Pete.

**okay seriously, I was working on this very serious post about adoption and my friends and then I hear something like Troy's official end date and I'm done...***

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thank you.

So regarding my post earlier this week....

Most of you suspected and emailed me. :) It was regarding my job.

As many of you know, these last few months have been very trying. It's difficult working for an absent boss. It's difficult to continue, to be questioned on everything that "used" to be standard. It's difficult to have to rebuild from scratch the relationship you had with someone. It's not that I was mistreated or anything, but it just started to becoming a "survival" job rather than a "growing" job....does that make any sense?? It was just a matter of time that my job would be ending, so I found a solution for all of us.

On Tuesday I met with Dan and his wife to discuss working for them as a contractor rather than an employee. Basically, I was quitting my job and asking to keep there business, talk about a hard sell. But all it took was a little, "this is best for you and for me" and they were in. This relieves them of the liabilities that come with having an employee and it allows me to grow, expand, and someday maybe make more.

SO, my last technical day as an employee is this Friday. So now I'm moving offices, getting a DBA, a new bank account....its all happening and I'm freaking out.

Please keep us lifted up (and certainly don't ask us to go do anything) as I will not be paid for the entire month of May. :( I'll get my last paycheck on Monday and then I wait until I bill in June for May.....terrifying!

For those of you wanting to hear about my RHC. I'm still working out, but my diet went to CRAP this week and last. I'm horrified at how I've been eating. Why is it that once you start eating bad, its so hard to stop again. For example, I ate well all last week knowing that during the weekend I would blow it b/c of the film and all the guests etc. So since last Wednesday I have successfully cheated on my diet at least once a day - if not more:
wednesday: big mac & fries with hannah
thursday: pappa's brothers au gratin potatoes
friday: um, was pretty good worst think i ate was brisket
saturday: not terrible ceaser salad at pappadeaux
sunday: HORRIBLE! chips, salsa, cake, chorizo and eggs....i didn't eat any structured meal besides breakfast and after that all i had were junky sides since i don't eat crawfish or shrimp
monday: italian bistro tortellini vodka
tuesday: good - right on diet
wedsnesday:snooty pig pot roast day; cheeseburger when i bought kai nuggets

Whats funny is I feel like CRAP, but I can't stop myself from saying, "one more meal." and then it'll be the weekend and I'll say, "but its the weekend." and we have company again (i know, i'm feeling like hotel gundersen - but they are all great so no complaints here) so i'll say, "but we have company." i can now totally tell that i'm an emotional eater. the last week (starting last Tuesday) has been very stressful, and look at what I eat on those days....ugh. hopefully venting here will make me shape up.

Oh, did I mention that my partner in RHC is pregnant and is no longer doing it with me. I guess that is another reason for the lack in motivation. It helped knowing that someone else was doing it with me. Anyone interested??? :)

If anyone can think of great names for my new company please let me know i'm stumpped. something with office management, solutions, bookkeeping, account services.....i dunno, but i'm looking for that catchy work to go with it.....ANYONE?!!?!?

Kai pics

What the heck. These pics are so cute and I snagged them of C's cousins myspace. I'm convinced that my camera just sucks. Look at how much better Kai looks in these as opposed to ones that I have posted. He always looks so washed out in mine. Is it a camera setting?? Does anyone know???Posted by Picasa

Monday, April 23, 2007

Be praying....

I can't say why, hopefully tomorrow evening, but just be lifting me up. I'm hoping that I'll be pleasantly surprised. ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Its been how long???

OOOOps. This week got away from me. :) Yes, I still dieted. No, I did NOT workout like I should. But I had good reason. C was gone all week in pre production for a new movie so I had no help in finding time to get to the gym. Not to mention 'v recently come under some micromanaging. :(

Monday, spent the whole day with mom and dad. Bought Kai shoes, went to the park, avoided a lot of the news.

Tuesday, went back to work. Still tried to avoid the news, but got sucked in. I don't deal well with the news. Had a very emotional day as I had a fall out with a "work acquaintance," had a meeting where I had to fight for a new office, then all of the sad news coming from VA where in big brother attended all of his years. I swear I started tuesday with 2 missing acrylics nails and by 5 I had none!

Wednesday, became outraged with all of the news....I'm talking OUTRAGED. I was so mad I wanted to blog on it, but couldn't muster it all out yet. Picked up C cousin at the airport to stay the night with me. K didn't go to bed until 10....ugh, he really was not good that night.

Thursday, rus around at work, mommy & me, chad came back in town, dinner at Papa's Steakhouse with Steven Baldwin (yup, i'll pick up that name i just dropped).

Friday, check day at work. Plus, I had a ton to do to get ready for the big premier. Left the house super late and got stuck in massive traffic. Thought I wasn't going to make it to the film. Saw SOOOOOOO many people. It was great to have such support. After party etc, in bed around 1230.

Saturday, everyone else got to sleep in, but the mommy had to get up with the baby, and get him out of the house as to nit wake our house guests and my sleeping hubby...grrr.... shopping, napping, and an investment dinner worth an entire new blog, in bed at 1230.

Today. Crawfish boil with the Stone family.....enough said.

I'm exhausted. And while I have a ton that I'd love to share my opinions on tonight. I can't muster it up. but here is what to come, Stars and big egos, the VA shooting and media coverage, the Hindu people I dined with, and the premier.

Friday, April 13, 2007

RHC: Day 10 & 11

Is anyone even reading this? Does anyone even care what eat on a daily basis?? Maybe, I'm using this as my food journal.

B: the usual
s1: yogurt
l:sub club, baked lays
s2: zone bar
d: spaghetti, meatsauce, 1 cup steamed broccoli

B: The Ususal
S1: Nothing
L: Blacken Tilapa, steamed veggies, salad, and a $160 tire
S2: tortilla
D: chicken with goat cheese sauce (i swear it was low cal, wasn't very much and far to salt for my taste) - i guess, i need to make a side to eat. just not very hungry.

Yesterday took a 45 min walk to tom thumb and back pushing the stroller. Today did pulls and 20 min of stairclimber. Read an entire US Weekly on the stairclimber...must remember to catch up on gossip more often while doing cardio. I just need one more sprint workout this week and I'm DONE!! :)


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

RHC - Day 9: Finally over the hump

Well, its official, I think I'm over the hump. I'm feeling great...and a little less hungry. I'm working my butt off in the gym. If it says sprint, I'm sprinting. I feel good. I just reread the intro article to the program again and feel motivation. I'm almost at my two week goal.

Next week might be a little harder with C out of town, and with the festival next week end and house guests....

I had lunch with Chad today at a Sushi restaurant, but I wasn't horrible. Could I have been better, yup, but its okay. I'm still keeping up with it. I think I really am finally living what I preach about picking up where you left off. Cheat and then get right back on the plan, don't make a whole day of it.

*****SIDENOTE: why the heck is my child STILL crying?? 20 minutes!*****

B: Same - Cereal & PB Toast
S: um, tortilla in my car starving between clients
L: a whole lotta stuff I can't pronounce
S2: grapes and 4 slices of turkey meat
d: steak fajitas :) no treat tonight since i was bad during he day...just water and green tea.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Midnight Clear @ Dallas USA Film Festival

Well, the time has finally arrived! Chad's film will be making its Dallas debut at the USA Film Festival on April 20th, 7pm at the Angelika Film Center. I hope that everyone we know will be able to make it. We've waited for so long.

If you have further questions or are interested in going but did not get the evite, please comment and let me know so I can get it to you!

Here is the preview:

Crazy man...

So, we hit a few milestones last week.

1) We got rid of the highchair and now sit like a big boy in a booster seat at the table.

2. We learned how to take our clothes off. This just speaks "guido" to me. :)
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Happy Easter

We had fun playing in the bounce house at Nana's! :)
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RHC - Day 8

B: cereal (the usual), toast & PB
s1: 2 oz turkey meat; 1 cup grapes
l: subway club, baked lays
s2: um, forgot - handful pecans
dinner: chicken stuffing casserole
s3: grasshopper 100 calorie pack & diet coke

OMG- can i just tell you....GRASSHOPPER 100 CALORIE PACK!!!!!! Do you KNOW what this means to me!?!? SOOOOOOOO good!!

Didn't get the chance to workout today. Good reasons too...1) its tax time 2) its tax time 3) my baby didn't go to sleep until 9 and the gym closed at 8.

My butt is SO sore. Not sure what I did yesterday that made it so bad, but man I'm hurting. I guess that's good. I've actually been working extremely hard at the gym these days. I'm making every set, every rep count. I've been trying to up my speeds on the treadmill while running sprints. I think I'm getting over the hump....

RHC still going....

Day 7: nothing, ate any and everything i wanted! :)

Day 8: Back on the wagon

B: raisin bran, soy milk, toast & pb
s1: zone bar
L: Turkey Sandwich and spinach salad w/oil & vinegar
S2: Yogurt
D: 6 ox flank steak, 1 burrito tortilla, 2 tbs sour cream, .25 cup cheese, lettuce, salsa
s3: no sugar added fudgesicle

So far today is going great. went to mommy and me gymnastics. :)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Day 6 - Cheesecake Factory - Nuf said.

Um, I started today off well. I think the only meal I nailed was breakfast. Then it was hotdogs (yeah, i had two, what of it?) and cupcakes at a birthday party and Cheesecake Factory tonight.

I can't blame it on anything but "having" too. I mean seriously, have you ever "tried" to be good at Cheesecake?? I did have steak diane and i HIGHLY recommend it. It was the first time i've ever finished a meal there with out a to-go box.

I wrote out the diet plan and workout regimen for the week. Looks good, I threw in some subway, spaghetti, and steak fajitas. :) It should be better than the all chicken and turkey i did last week. I added 100 calories to help from feeling starved. I mean, its okay to be hungry, but not starving. Starving leads to overeating (ahem - me, today) which leads to failure.

Chad is off to a movie and I'm literally so full I could really. Maybe puking is a good idea at this point....KIDDING! I think I'm going to go read.

Oh, great new drink to try: Lipton To Go Green Tea Mandarin/Mango...OMG!! This actually makes green tea so good I'll drink it all day!!

Friday, April 06, 2007

RHC - Day 5: Where did that wagon go??

Yup, you read that right. I fell off, but I'm okay. I had my breakfast and snacks as I should this morning, but then met Mom and Megs for lunch at Red, Hot and Blue. Um, have you ever been there?? TO-DIE-FOR! YUM! And tonight is the ladies meeting at church and we are having frito pies, ahem, at my stupid suggestion. Its cold, this will be the last time to have chili until October, at least!!

I'm justifying it this way. We were supposed to have a big ol' shin-dig at my parents tomorrow, but because of the weather, we cancelled, so I cheated a day early and tomorrow I'll be good again.

B: raisin bran, soy milk, toast with PB
S1: String cheese, apple
L: Salad @ Red, Hot, and Blue, Creamy dressing (but not too much) and onion rings
S2: skipping since I'm still so full from lunch

Workout--grrrr....i really don't wanna, but I'm about to go get Kai and head to the gym. Today is the PULL workout and sprint intervals. **FUN**

Hope yall have a great rest of the day!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

RCH - Day 4: yeah.

I'm beginning to remember why my original goal was two weeks.

Super busy day. Kai is still really teasting me and its driving me BONKERS!!!

B: Multigrain scone
S1: Almonds
L: Subway Club, Baked Lays, don't think I had one
D: Chicken burrito (chicken, onions, roasted red peppers, tortilla), fudgesicle

So, i didn't follow my diet at all today. I still made it in the right calorie range, but just didn't plan for the day well. It was one before I even realized I hadn't had lunch.

Today was my scheduled off day for working out. I was sitll going to attempt it, but bailed b/c it was for and DH says ex works out everyday at four...wasn't it the mood for it. I'll get over it soon.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

RHC-Day 3: -ugh-

Yup, day three. Ugh.

Day three has been hard. Clearly this was a busy day for me as I didn't post all day. In fact, I think I was in my office for all of, um, 2.5 hours today. I swear, I was working all day. And gas being 2.57 a gallon is NOT helping my situation. Sure, I get reimbursed on mileage, but it never seems like enough.

Its also hard to stick to your diet on the road. I had to have both my snacks at the interval that i should have had snack one and lunch; then lunch was snack'll see.

B: Raisin Bran, Soy milk, Ezekiel Bread, Peanut butter
S1: Zone Bar
S2: Yogurt & Almonds
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich, pretzels, apple
Dinner: Steak (broiled-blech!), couscous, salad w/oil & vinegar

Only did my lifting routine; here's why....

So, I'm going to go ahead and post this even though it might seem silly. I already talked to DH about it and he understands, so might as well vent here.

How many of you have an ex? HA! How many of you were got hurt by an ex? Ha, again! Okay, so most of you would understand my feeling that you want to look smokin' hot when you see an ex. You know, kinda a aren't-you-wishing-you-didn't-make-that-mistake look. Well...even if you don't, I do. Of course, I want to look good around most people, but especially an ex.

I actually live near an ex. My husband actually grew up with said ex. The ex works for the city and owns a company therein. I guess you know you are going to cross paths. I didn't see the ex from 99 to about 2003, when I ran into him at a gas station. No biggie, looked decent, not stunning, but good.

Roll forward to 2005. Four days before my c-section, weighing in at almost 200 lbs. I had spent the day painting the 10 commandments on kai's walls. I had a hormonal breakdown in the middle of the day that cleared my face of makeup. When we decided to go out for our "last saturday night before kids," i was too tired to get too dressed up. So I put on a frumpy makes-you-look-30-lbs-heavier sweater shirt, threw my hair in a ponytail, and said forget it to makeup.

Yup, you guessed it. The ex was at the same hibachi restaurant. Could you imagine had we been seated with them?!!?! UGH! Anyway, thankfully they left before we did....or so I thought. When we were leaving they were all sitting at the front door!! We had to say hi. None of them even recognized me. To make matters worse, his wife was two months less pregnant than me and look FAB! Horrifying is the only way to describe it.

Yesterday I'm at my new gym. Working hard. Sweating, I'm talking armpit sweat, people!! Wearing old faded workout clothing (not my almost-to-cute-wear-to-workout clothing). Yup, you guessed it. And let me tell you, there was no way I was gettin' my jiggly arse on the treadmill to do sprints in that condition. So I finished lifting and got the HECK outta there. Again, when I said "Hi" being polite he acted like he didn't recognize me....Am I that forgettable??? I think its a game...still a jerk!

There....feel better now...laugh at my vanity all you want....

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

RCH - Day 2: Complete

Well, almost.

The dang kitchen sink broke, so I can't wash dishes. I got over it and decided to go ahead and grill and wash things that *had* to be washed in the bathroom. Go outside, turn on the grill, nodda...yup, out of propane! UGH! On top of that, I initially didn't think the sink was broken, just that I had to use it slowly so it wouldn't back up. Um, yeah, water started coming out from under the cabinet. :(

Have I mentioned that the only-took-a-one-hour-nap-today toddler has suddenly decided to hate the bath again?!?! The last three times he has just stood there and screamed. Then, when you try to wash his hair he grabs on you soaking both you and the floor all the while screaming his head off....

So I have a very cranky toddler, a flooding home, I'm soaking wet and I can't grill my flippin' steak!

Chad is out in Irving and will be bringing home Boston Market. Expensive, but healthy. So here is todays recap while I'm waiting on my food.

B: Weight Control Oatmeal & Banana
S1: Apple & String Cheese
L: Turkey sandwich, strawberries, carrots (tomorrow I get pretzels and I can't wait!!)
S2: Almonds & Grapes
S3: (just because i'm having a late dinner) FiberOne bar
D: will be; Turkey, Dill Potatoes, Green Beans from Boston Market

Did cardio; 30 min; level 6; stairclimber; est 180 calories

It also has dawned on me that this weekend is Easter and I have a TON going am I going to stick to a diet when there is going to be such great food around??? Chad told me that I should eat perfect all week, enjoy the weekend and then pick right back up on Monday. The problem is I have worked so hard (um for two days) that I don't want to over eat all weekend!!!

Still going...

I got to eat cheese!!!! I totally forgot I could eat string cheese with my first snack of the day. How delightful.

Made it to the gym for cardio & abs. After I got dressed I realized that I completely forgot to do abs. Oh well, those are easy to do anywhere.

I'm blogging everytime I REALLY want to cheat....can you tell, this is what, my THIRD post today....dork.

I did stop and get a large peach tea at sonic after my workout. Hey, its only 10 calories and sounded better than the tall non-fat, no-whip, sugar-free cinnamon dolce latte (only 90 calories by the way) that I usually splurge on. If you haven't tried this one, its a must!!

Okay, thirty more minutes until I can have grapes & almonds. Then tonight steak!!!

Funny story

I'm eating lunch and working and planning my work errands and suddenly I remembered a funny story from yesterday.

I joined the local rec center yesterday. I'm still amazed at why I would pay to go to a gym when I have a free membership somewhere else....ANYWAY. So I go and join and before I go in and work out I go to visit the ladies room. I walk in and notice that there are cleaning supplies on the floor and someone is in a stall swishing. No biggie, the cleaning lady.... um, or so I thought.

While sitting there I see a MAN walk out of the stall and out the door. I swear, I was thinking, "CRAP, I went in the wrong one!" I was blushing in my stall. I didn't remember seeing any urinals. I come out and look behind me as I quickly wash my hands...still no urinals.

So, I decide he's just the male janitor. Then I'm thinking, is he just standing out there waiting for me to leave?? Am I going to make eye contact? UGH!

I did end up having to make eye contact. :( I felt like I needed to say something, like, "Sorry" but then realized that would probably embarrass both of us.

Okay, maybe this story isn't as funny as I thought. Hum...

RCH: Day 2

I caved and ate the fudgsicle and then climbed into bed. I was so hungry when I woke up, but had a very difficult time eating the oatmeal and banana that I was supposed to eat. I like raisin bran so much better. Busy day at work today. Hopefully will keep my mind off food.

Monday, April 02, 2007


Okay, so the first few days of diet and exercise are the hardest. Retraining your body to know when it is and isn't hungry is hard. Retraining you mind to not crave tons of cheese and sweets....ugh. So I'm just going to write myself happy.

Anyway, I'm just trying to hold fast.

So, what have I done/had?

B: 1 cup raisin bran, .5 cup light soy milk, slice Ezekiel bread with 1 tbs peanut butter

S1: Zone bar

L: Chicken salad on Ezekiel bread, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup carrots

S2: Yoplait light

D: Chicken, .5 cup corn, 1 cup steamed broccoli

Today I did legs training and sprint intervals. I'm exhausted but I feel good. I drank only water all day, but caved at 5 for diet coke. I NEEDED it. I'm trying to hold off my craving for a Fudgsicle (sp). Maybe this means I'll have to start going to bed earlier.

So, I must admit, I'm hooked on Dancing With the Stars. I've so totally made fun of everyone I know for watching it in the past, but.....last week we were at my parents when it was on and i got HOOKED!!! I'm loving it. Hummmmm, maybe watching skinny chicks dance will hold off that fudgesicle.

Can someone please go eat so cheese for me??? 13 more days to reach Goal #1.

So far, so good....

Yeah, I know its only noon. So far I've had everything to eat that I'm supposed to . I've already been to the gym to do weights and am about to head back to do cardio. I'm going to join the rec center in Roanoke. Kai was TICKED today in the nursery at the other gym, even though my good friend was the worker...oh well I was ready to go. So about to go have lunch...chicken salad sandwich, strawberries, and carrots...not terrible.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Rock Hard Challenge Begins Tomorrow

Okay, I hate even posting this since I have posted like 8 of these over the year. I'm starting a new workout/diet plan tomorrow morning. It's called the Rock Hard Challenge by Muscle & Fitness. Fellow blogger, Monika, see left bar, started it a few weeks ago and it looked good to me. Well, Chad did make some adjustments to the weight training as some of it is simply not safe.

I'm supposed to post my before and after pics. I'm not so sure I can stomach that. After baby, everything "hangs" different. The skin on my tummy, the fat under my butt, ugh....but hey, that's why I'm starting this. I'm actually doing baby steps. I'm aiming at making it two weeks since my average diet lasts only about 1.5.

A big thing for me is diet, so I took the diet they recommended, the diet Dan made me, and my own good knowledge and made my own. I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of myself I guess all of those years being married to a trainer has paid off. First I wrote then plan, then I added the caloric, protein, etc values so that I could know what to tweak. Much to my surprise, my diet averaged, 1650 calories, 48 grams fat, 221 carbs, 36 grams of fiber, and 100 grams protein. I think even Chad was impressed.

The funny thing to me was how easy I got to 35+ grams of fiber. I watched "Fiber 35" on PBS a few weeks ago and then found myself trying to put fiber into everything, but I was having a hard time. So, when I wrote the diet I wasn't even thinking of the fiber, but I hit 35 easily! YAY!! So fiber is easy if you are eating right.

Basically this fiber show told you all of the benefits, etc. Her biggest point, aside from other health benefits, is that if you can get 35 grams of fiber a day you will naturally ahem-"flush" away 2 lbs a month on average. To say it plain- you'll poop out 2 lbs! :) Now, I'm am NOT banking on that by any means, but going more is always better.

Wow...I sure just lost a few readers for sure. I can't help it. Blame my mother-in-law, after two weeks of dating Chad and complaining of a stomach ache the woman asked my how often I go. Seriously, but since then and learning about how gut health affects your overall really opens your eyes.