Thursday, April 05, 2007

RCH - Day 4: yeah.

I'm beginning to remember why my original goal was two weeks.

Super busy day. Kai is still really teasting me and its driving me BONKERS!!!

B: Multigrain scone
S1: Almonds
L: Subway Club, Baked Lays, don't think I had one
D: Chicken burrito (chicken, onions, roasted red peppers, tortilla), fudgesicle

So, i didn't follow my diet at all today. I still made it in the right calorie range, but just didn't plan for the day well. It was one before I even realized I hadn't had lunch.

Today was my scheduled off day for working out. I was sitll going to attempt it, but bailed b/c it was for and DH says ex works out everyday at four...wasn't it the mood for it. I'll get over it soon.

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