Sunday, April 01, 2007

Rock Hard Challenge Begins Tomorrow

Okay, I hate even posting this since I have posted like 8 of these over the year. I'm starting a new workout/diet plan tomorrow morning. It's called the Rock Hard Challenge by Muscle & Fitness. Fellow blogger, Monika, see left bar, started it a few weeks ago and it looked good to me. Well, Chad did make some adjustments to the weight training as some of it is simply not safe.

I'm supposed to post my before and after pics. I'm not so sure I can stomach that. After baby, everything "hangs" different. The skin on my tummy, the fat under my butt, ugh....but hey, that's why I'm starting this. I'm actually doing baby steps. I'm aiming at making it two weeks since my average diet lasts only about 1.5.

A big thing for me is diet, so I took the diet they recommended, the diet Dan made me, and my own good knowledge and made my own. I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of myself I guess all of those years being married to a trainer has paid off. First I wrote then plan, then I added the caloric, protein, etc values so that I could know what to tweak. Much to my surprise, my diet averaged, 1650 calories, 48 grams fat, 221 carbs, 36 grams of fiber, and 100 grams protein. I think even Chad was impressed.

The funny thing to me was how easy I got to 35+ grams of fiber. I watched "Fiber 35" on PBS a few weeks ago and then found myself trying to put fiber into everything, but I was having a hard time. So, when I wrote the diet I wasn't even thinking of the fiber, but I hit 35 easily! YAY!! So fiber is easy if you are eating right.

Basically this fiber show told you all of the benefits, etc. Her biggest point, aside from other health benefits, is that if you can get 35 grams of fiber a day you will naturally ahem-"flush" away 2 lbs a month on average. To say it plain- you'll poop out 2 lbs! :) Now, I'm am NOT banking on that by any means, but going more is always better.

Wow...I sure just lost a few readers for sure. I can't help it. Blame my mother-in-law, after two weeks of dating Chad and complaining of a stomach ache the woman asked my how often I go. Seriously, but since then and learning about how gut health affects your overall really opens your eyes.

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