Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ode to weathermen,,,I TRUST TROY!!!

But Delkus does Deliver.....

I'm sad to say.....and those of you who "really" know me are totally cracking up at how serious this is to me....but I now know that Troy's last day of being the Chief Meteorologist at WFAA Channel 8 is July 18th. Troy has been there for me, literally, my whole life.

I knew the days were drawing near, but I didn't know the official date. This is the man that inspired me to learn about the weather, so much so that I sometimes feel I can predict it. He gave me a passion for chasing storms...don't ask. He was the man that told me to get in my bathtub when I was at TCU for the Fort Worth tornado.... He was the one convincing me to get out of the bathtub/or basement of the library the 4 times I was there at UTA during tornadoes!! I love him.

And on such a personal level, he's such a GREAT guy. Strong christian. Philanthropist. Uh, LOVE HIM!!

But, we are moving on these days. As even the great Troy said, Dallas doesn't take well to newcomers. So, they have been breaking Delkus in for the last year. Troy only appears at six now. I'll admit, I wasn't happy at first. Not because I didn't like Pete, but I just didn't know him. What about Greg and Steve?!?! But now, I go to Pete. I like him. I'm loving the current commercials they have "Delkus Delivers." During the ice storms and tornadoes this years, he's put me to ease... I trust Pete.

**okay seriously, I was working on this very serious post about adoption and my friends and then I hear something like Troy's official end date and I'm done...***


Debbie said...

I'm sorry for your loss. :o(
But now I know which channel to always turn too. I hadn't found a weatherman I really liked and trusted and since I seem to be in a storm path at home I need one.
So thanks for the weather tip!!!

Kelly said...

Did you know WFAA has a doppler set up right up the road at 407 & 35W? That's why I always watch them during the storms!

Emily said...

I LOVE TROY!!!!! He has been there my whole life too! I seriously would have been a meteorologist/storm chaser if I wasn't a nurse! I LOVE WEATHER AND TROY!!!! We can morn together...