Tuesday, April 10, 2007

RHC - Day 8

B: cereal (the usual), toast & PB
s1: 2 oz turkey meat; 1 cup grapes
l: subway club, baked lays
s2: um, forgot - handful pecans
dinner: chicken stuffing casserole
s3: grasshopper 100 calorie pack & diet coke

OMG- can i just tell you....GRASSHOPPER 100 CALORIE PACK!!!!!! Do you KNOW what this means to me!?!? SOOOOOOOO good!!

Didn't get the chance to workout today. Good reasons too...1) its tax time 2) its tax time 3) my baby didn't go to sleep until 9 and the gym closed at 8.

My butt is SO sore. Not sure what I did yesterday that made it so bad, but man I'm hurting. I guess that's good. I've actually been working extremely hard at the gym these days. I'm making every set, every rep count. I've been trying to up my speeds on the treadmill while running sprints. I think I'm getting over the hump....

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