Sunday, April 22, 2007

Its been how long???

OOOOps. This week got away from me. :) Yes, I still dieted. No, I did NOT workout like I should. But I had good reason. C was gone all week in pre production for a new movie so I had no help in finding time to get to the gym. Not to mention 'v recently come under some micromanaging. :(

Monday, spent the whole day with mom and dad. Bought Kai shoes, went to the park, avoided a lot of the news.

Tuesday, went back to work. Still tried to avoid the news, but got sucked in. I don't deal well with the news. Had a very emotional day as I had a fall out with a "work acquaintance," had a meeting where I had to fight for a new office, then all of the sad news coming from VA where in big brother attended all of his years. I swear I started tuesday with 2 missing acrylics nails and by 5 I had none!

Wednesday, became outraged with all of the news....I'm talking OUTRAGED. I was so mad I wanted to blog on it, but couldn't muster it all out yet. Picked up C cousin at the airport to stay the night with me. K didn't go to bed until 10....ugh, he really was not good that night.

Thursday, rus around at work, mommy & me, chad came back in town, dinner at Papa's Steakhouse with Steven Baldwin (yup, i'll pick up that name i just dropped).

Friday, check day at work. Plus, I had a ton to do to get ready for the big premier. Left the house super late and got stuck in massive traffic. Thought I wasn't going to make it to the film. Saw SOOOOOOO many people. It was great to have such support. After party etc, in bed around 1230.

Saturday, everyone else got to sleep in, but the mommy had to get up with the baby, and get him out of the house as to nit wake our house guests and my sleeping hubby...grrr.... shopping, napping, and an investment dinner worth an entire new blog, in bed at 1230.

Today. Crawfish boil with the Stone family.....enough said.

I'm exhausted. And while I have a ton that I'd love to share my opinions on tonight. I can't muster it up. but here is what to come, Stars and big egos, the VA shooting and media coverage, the Hindu people I dined with, and the premier.


Debbie said...

Wow! I had no idea you had such a busy week. Glad it's over and hope this week is a little more calm.
Looking forward to all the upcoming interesting posts.

Liz said...

sorry we didn't make the film - no childcare. can't wait to hear all this stuff you just mentioned, especially the big egos ;)

luv ya!