Wednesday, April 04, 2007

RHC-Day 3: -ugh-

Yup, day three. Ugh.

Day three has been hard. Clearly this was a busy day for me as I didn't post all day. In fact, I think I was in my office for all of, um, 2.5 hours today. I swear, I was working all day. And gas being 2.57 a gallon is NOT helping my situation. Sure, I get reimbursed on mileage, but it never seems like enough.

Its also hard to stick to your diet on the road. I had to have both my snacks at the interval that i should have had snack one and lunch; then lunch was snack'll see.

B: Raisin Bran, Soy milk, Ezekiel Bread, Peanut butter
S1: Zone Bar
S2: Yogurt & Almonds
Lunch: Turkey Sandwich, pretzels, apple
Dinner: Steak (broiled-blech!), couscous, salad w/oil & vinegar

Only did my lifting routine; here's why....

So, I'm going to go ahead and post this even though it might seem silly. I already talked to DH about it and he understands, so might as well vent here.

How many of you have an ex? HA! How many of you were got hurt by an ex? Ha, again! Okay, so most of you would understand my feeling that you want to look smokin' hot when you see an ex. You know, kinda a aren't-you-wishing-you-didn't-make-that-mistake look. Well...even if you don't, I do. Of course, I want to look good around most people, but especially an ex.

I actually live near an ex. My husband actually grew up with said ex. The ex works for the city and owns a company therein. I guess you know you are going to cross paths. I didn't see the ex from 99 to about 2003, when I ran into him at a gas station. No biggie, looked decent, not stunning, but good.

Roll forward to 2005. Four days before my c-section, weighing in at almost 200 lbs. I had spent the day painting the 10 commandments on kai's walls. I had a hormonal breakdown in the middle of the day that cleared my face of makeup. When we decided to go out for our "last saturday night before kids," i was too tired to get too dressed up. So I put on a frumpy makes-you-look-30-lbs-heavier sweater shirt, threw my hair in a ponytail, and said forget it to makeup.

Yup, you guessed it. The ex was at the same hibachi restaurant. Could you imagine had we been seated with them?!!?! UGH! Anyway, thankfully they left before we did....or so I thought. When we were leaving they were all sitting at the front door!! We had to say hi. None of them even recognized me. To make matters worse, his wife was two months less pregnant than me and look FAB! Horrifying is the only way to describe it.

Yesterday I'm at my new gym. Working hard. Sweating, I'm talking armpit sweat, people!! Wearing old faded workout clothing (not my almost-to-cute-wear-to-workout clothing). Yup, you guessed it. And let me tell you, there was no way I was gettin' my jiggly arse on the treadmill to do sprints in that condition. So I finished lifting and got the HECK outta there. Again, when I said "Hi" being polite he acted like he didn't recognize me....Am I that forgettable??? I think its a game...still a jerk!

There....feel better now...laugh at my vanity all you want....

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sublimekel said...

I had something happen today at the gym that made me think of you, and this entry...I had just hopped off the treadmill and I'm all sweaty & gross and red-faced and I'm walking over to stretch and run into a guy I had the biggest crush on in highschool and he's a trainer at my gym.