Wednesday, April 11, 2007

RHC - Day 9: Finally over the hump

Well, its official, I think I'm over the hump. I'm feeling great...and a little less hungry. I'm working my butt off in the gym. If it says sprint, I'm sprinting. I feel good. I just reread the intro article to the program again and feel motivation. I'm almost at my two week goal.

Next week might be a little harder with C out of town, and with the festival next week end and house guests....

I had lunch with Chad today at a Sushi restaurant, but I wasn't horrible. Could I have been better, yup, but its okay. I'm still keeping up with it. I think I really am finally living what I preach about picking up where you left off. Cheat and then get right back on the plan, don't make a whole day of it.

*****SIDENOTE: why the heck is my child STILL crying?? 20 minutes!*****

B: Same - Cereal & PB Toast
S: um, tortilla in my car starving between clients
L: a whole lotta stuff I can't pronounce
S2: grapes and 4 slices of turkey meat
d: steak fajitas :) no treat tonight since i was bad during he day...just water and green tea.

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