Friday, April 06, 2007

RHC - Day 5: Where did that wagon go??

Yup, you read that right. I fell off, but I'm okay. I had my breakfast and snacks as I should this morning, but then met Mom and Megs for lunch at Red, Hot and Blue. Um, have you ever been there?? TO-DIE-FOR! YUM! And tonight is the ladies meeting at church and we are having frito pies, ahem, at my stupid suggestion. Its cold, this will be the last time to have chili until October, at least!!

I'm justifying it this way. We were supposed to have a big ol' shin-dig at my parents tomorrow, but because of the weather, we cancelled, so I cheated a day early and tomorrow I'll be good again.

B: raisin bran, soy milk, toast with PB
S1: String cheese, apple
L: Salad @ Red, Hot, and Blue, Creamy dressing (but not too much) and onion rings
S2: skipping since I'm still so full from lunch

Workout--grrrr....i really don't wanna, but I'm about to go get Kai and head to the gym. Today is the PULL workout and sprint intervals. **FUN**

Hope yall have a great rest of the day!

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