Tuesday, April 03, 2007

RCH - Day 2: Complete

Well, almost.

The dang kitchen sink broke, so I can't wash dishes. I got over it and decided to go ahead and grill and wash things that *had* to be washed in the bathroom. Go outside, turn on the grill, nodda...yup, out of propane! UGH! On top of that, I initially didn't think the sink was broken, just that I had to use it slowly so it wouldn't back up. Um, yeah, water started coming out from under the cabinet. :(

Have I mentioned that the only-took-a-one-hour-nap-today toddler has suddenly decided to hate the bath again?!?! The last three times he has just stood there and screamed. Then, when you try to wash his hair he grabs on you soaking both you and the floor all the while screaming his head off....

So I have a very cranky toddler, a flooding home, I'm soaking wet and I can't grill my flippin' steak!

Chad is out in Irving and will be bringing home Boston Market. Expensive, but healthy. So here is todays recap while I'm waiting on my food.

B: Weight Control Oatmeal & Banana
S1: Apple & String Cheese
L: Turkey sandwich, strawberries, carrots (tomorrow I get pretzels and I can't wait!!)
S2: Almonds & Grapes
S3: (just because i'm having a late dinner) FiberOne bar
D: will be; Turkey, Dill Potatoes, Green Beans from Boston Market

Did cardio; 30 min; level 6; stairclimber; est 180 calories

It also has dawned on me that this weekend is Easter and I have a TON going on....how am I going to stick to a diet when there is going to be such great food around??? Chad told me that I should eat perfect all week, enjoy the weekend and then pick right back up on Monday. The problem is I have worked so hard (um for two days) that I don't want to over eat all weekend!!!


txsadlergurl77 said...

Keep at it,you cam stick with it. Better than myself, It's awesome to have Chad as a support. Anyways that's why I'm chunky and your not! You look great!Love ya!

Debbie said...

You're doing so good. I'm considering starting the South Beach or something similar as soon as tax season is over. Too much temptation right now.
I just really struggle with the whole counting calories and stuff.