Thursday, January 11, 2007


Roll your eyes all you want, but that is how I feel today. Ever have those days where your jeans are just slightly tighter than usual? Your shirt hugs a little more in the tummy area than it normally does? Ugh. And go figure that it is also the day that I go out for two meals. Rockfish for lunch and Carrabbas for dinner...yup, I'm not losing any weight!

I did, however, receive the jeans that Zafu recommended for my body type....PERFECT! I'm so happy. I went through the whole questionnaire, etc. They recommended the Victoria's Secret Boyfriend cut jeans in a size 8 or 10. I bought both sizes since I had to order online, figuring I'd send the pair that didn't fit back. Of course, I tried on the 10 first (duh, always go down!)....hum, decent fit, a little gaping in the back, but overall not to bad. The 8's fit my body like a glove. I'm thrilled.

I have a major problem b/c I have a large booty and a tiny waist (i know, poor me) BUT it sucks trying to find jeans. They either fit my butt or fit my waist, but never both. These were great!!

Oh, ps...are these not the most HORRID things you've ever seen.....seriously! $68?!?!


Debbie said...

Glad to hear they fit so good. And you're not fat!

Liz said...

i'm having one of those days too, and to deal with it, i'm going to have another bowl of ice cream ;)

matmaven said...

Please am I reading correctly? We are concerned about the difference between an 8 & a 10? I have not been priviledged to wear an 8 since the birth of my third son and I have be chasing the ever elusive 10 since then. I am a comfortable 12(I console myself with the concept that Marilyn Monroe was a 12)except in cases where they are just plain sized wrong! Please when complaining about jean size, remember there are those out here still wishing for the right to get into a 10 again!

LYNDEE said...
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