Friday, March 16, 2007

Big Boy

These pictures are to show you what a big boy Kai is becoming. It almost saddens me, he looks less like a baby and more like a boy these days. This is Aunt Lyndee's baby shower gift, it wasn't going to be there in time, so we took a picture. Too bad it's in a store b/c its the best picture of Kai I have. I also wish I could photoshop out the drooled T-shirt...but whatever

Kai went to Mimi's friend Peppi's house one day to meet Baby Rylan. Peppi busted out this old school toy so we could keep talking and keep Kai entertained. It is battery operated and by far the best toy ever. It's Little Tykes brand and if anyone can locate it, I'd be willing to pay. (Dont' mom's toes look great?!?)

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txsadlergurl77 said...

Kai is so cute! Love the chair!