Tuesday, February 15, 2005

8 weeks, 1 day

Well, I've had a interesting week. Last week I felt really good...except for the sinus infection. I was more alert than I have been in weeks, plus no morning sickness!! Yippe!!!

Monday I had a little surprise. Spotting. Now I promised to be very honest in my blog, so if you don't want to read the gory girl stuff, move on. I've read in plenty of books that some spotting in the first trimester is normal. I always thought that if it happened I would remain calm. Not so much the case.

When I went to the bathroom I noticed brown in my panties, okay, I can handle that. Then when I wiped (I told you this was going to be gory) it was more red. Now brown I could do, red...that's a little scary...but still very little was red. I ran straight to my cell phone and called the doctor. They asked me if I could come in that afternoon for a little check up, not a problem. After making the call I called Chad and made a few more trips to the ladies room to see if I was leaking. Nothing.

It was then I began to think I might have overreacted. I mean, I had read about this again and again. And then I started thinking how the doctor wasn't in any real rush to see me. Besides, no matter what, if I call with a problem, they are going to want to see me for liability reasons. I mean, if they didn't and something did go wrong, I guess I could go after them. Then I started praying, and felt this peace come over me that everything was fine. So, I cancelled the appointment.

I haven't had any other red, just a little brown, since yesterday. My next appointment is in two weeks. I've determined if I see red again, I'll go in, but for now I'm okay. I feel like I will know if something is wrong with my body. Most people say that if you have seen the heartbeat, that's a good indication that everything will be fine....and boy, have I seen a heartbeat. :)

Morning sickness returned this morning. I believe that last week went so well because I was so stopped up I couldn't smell anything. The moment I began to smell again, is the moment I remembered what m/s felt like. Hopefully it'll leave just as fast as it came back!

Prayers are appreciated!!

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