Tuesday, February 08, 2005

7 weeks, 1 day

Still going strong. This is the third full day that I have felt pretty good. Now, of course I'm still tired and a bit *blah* towards foods, but I haven't been sick. I've been eating very bland foods and it's working. Yippee!

Yesterday, I had cereal and chocolate milk for breakfast. Then for lunch I had half of a chicken salad sandwich with a pickle. I ate an apple as a snack on my way home from work. Dinner, was exceptionally bland, noodles with butter. I swear, I'm turning into one large carb! No heartburn or vomiting. :) YEAH!!!

I love the prenatal's that I'm taking. DuetDHA by StuartNatal. Others make people very sick and constipated (not to gross anyone out), but this pill helps ease things. The problem is NONE are covered by my insurance, so I'm on my own. I called the pharmacy to see how much the one I'm on costs...$35. The rest of the samples I have run around $25. So, I ask, is ten dollars worth it?? I'm thinking it is, but I haven't given the others a fair shot yet. I'll have to see how the next week goes.

Speaking of insurance...a little rant. When I started working here I signed up for the HMO (EPO) program. Since we are such a large company, we are on this executive program that allows us to visit a specialist without a referral. Nice. Well, I also signed up to avoid deductibles. Then I noticed that to have a baby it would only cost $250!!! WooHoo!! Well, not so woohoo anymore, as of January 1st our policy changed, I'll now owe 10% of the cost. That stinks!! Stupid insurance companies!

Clothing. I know it's just the bloat and not the baby, but OMG I feel huge. My once flat and sexy tummy is looking a little pudgier (sp). My jeans are starting to cut me off when sitting at my desk. I'm starting to notice pant imprints on my skin when I go to the restroom. I hate this. I'm not looking forward to going through that in-between fat and pregnant stage. The really bad thing is these are the jeans that I just bought on my birthday (December) that were a little too big at the time. Size 8! I'm terrified I will never have my figure again. I feel so vain saying that, but it is so true!

Yipee, mom just called and they have an extra ticket to Tony'n'Tina's wedding tonight at Bass Hall. I'm so excited. I haven't gone "out" like that since Cirque in December with the hubby. I'm so excited. I wonder what I'll wear....

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