Thursday, February 03, 2005

6 weeks, 3 days

Ugh, what a horrible day yesterday. We had 5 people out of office, making work a bit more stressful than usual. To make matters worse, my heartburn never went away! It was awful. By 3 pm I was throwing up. Nothing worse to me than puking at work.

I got home and went straight to about 5pm. Chad woke me up when he got home from church with a cute card, some Mylanta, coffee ice cream, and regular saltines. I love him so much. He's amazing! I guess I remember getting up and eating ice cream, but not that well. I was soon tucked back in bed and sleeping soundly, with no heartburn.

I've been noticing that I wake up a lot during the night. Sometimes its to pee, others its because Chad seems to suddenly want it 80 degrees in the house, and sometimes I just wake up and sit. It's very weird. Dana says its preparing me for having the baby.

I was late to work today. I guess I really needed 13 hours of sleep, because I couldn't get out of bed until six. I believe my alarm started going off at 5am. I'm still in a daze. The good news is I was only 30min late to work. I was promptly reminded that I need to make up for it ASAP, as if I wasn't already. I guess I'll only have a 30min lunch today.

Today is Chad's birthday. I think I'll by him a card from the baby....or is that cheesy to do already?!?!

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slopmaster said...

Send him a greeting from your placenta. On your birthday, his sperm can sing happy birthday for you.