Thursday, February 10, 2005

7 weeks, 3 days

Well, I can still report no morning sickness since Sunday. Yea! But, I did get hit with a nasty sinus infection. I woke up yesterday with an awful sore throat, coughing, sneezing, clogged ears, and sinus pressure. It was horrible. I knew I needed to take something, but being pregnant, I didn't know what I couldn't take. So, I called in sick to work and called the OB/GYN's office. When they called me back, they set up an appointment for me to come in, which I thought was odd, but whatever.

When I went to the doctor, they gave me an antibiotic and told me a few OTC things to purchase. Before letting me go, they did an ultrasound. Now, I thought this was even weirder than going to the OB for a cold, but I was up for it. She said that in the event that I went home and something happened they needed proof that the baby was fine at the time of visit. Makes sense, I guess.

I was pretty sad that I was going to have another look at the baby without Chad, but how was I to know? Thank goodness I'm skinny, because this time she was able to do it over my belly (as opposed to inside..ick). Oh my, the difference a week makes! Last week Baby G was 4mm long...this week he/she was 11mm!! We almost tripled in size! Also, last week, she asked if we could see the heartbeat, I couldn't...but yesterday that thing was beating away. It was so neat. I was amazed at how fast the little heart was beating. She said, on average, it's beating at twice the speed of mine. Wow! She let me watch it for a quite some time as she captured several pictures to track the growth. Last week we looked like a line, this week it was a little blob. :) But a cute blob. I was so sad that Chad wasn't there to see it.

I'm still reeling in how neat it was to see the heartbeat. To know that something really is growing in me. It's so fascinating.

I also asked her about the pudge that I'm getting. Its apparently proestrogen bloating (not gas bloating). She said it'll go away in the next few weeks, but then I'll be starting to form a belly. It was comforting to hear her say, "at least you are skinny enough..." because Lord knows I have not been feeling skinny at all!! It's going to be a real adjustment to gain weight like I'm about to.

After getting all of the drugs, I went home and camped out on the couch watching none other than A Baby Story. Stupid decision....I'm terrified. Labor does not look fun, exciting or easy. In fact at one point I cringed knowing that I have to go through that soon. *ugh* I mean, ugh... At least I have eight more months to prepare.

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slopmaster said...

quit your whining! giving birth is easy.