Wednesday, March 02, 2005

10 weeks, 3 days

Well, we had our 10 week appointment yesterday. We got all of the pregnancy goodies, hospital information, etc. I didn't realize how much I needed to do before I even get to the hospital, in terms of paperwork. ACK! It'll take 7 months just to get through that part alone!

Chad and I were in rare form yesterday at the Dr's office. First, the doctor was running late, someone was having complications in delivery. I'm fine when he's running behind for that reason, I'd want him up there if it was me. So the nurse takes Chad and I back and starts reading off all kinds of information, extra tests, what's covered, what isn't, check with your insurance about this or that. Then she hits me with the bad news.

My doctors office only requests that sonograms be done on your first two appointments to confirm growth and a heartbeat. Nothing else is covered. NOT EVEN THE ONE EVERYONE GETS TO LEARN THE SEX!! WHAT!?!? Are you kidding me? She kept going and I kept bringing her back. Unless they are specifically looking for something they will not order an additional sonogram. I was crushed, I've been banking on that thing for 8 weeks now. She did however say that typically if they really needed to check something they'd do it. She said this with almost a wink. I decided than and there that I'm going to get another cold between 18-20 weeks. Dang-it.

**sidenote** Chad's client is a doctor and has mentioned to him that she has a sonogram machine. He said she even has the 4D machine, so hopefully we can work something out with her. If not, Amy has a cousin who works in radiology in Palestine, and although its a pretty long haul out there, she said she's pretty sure they can sneak me in there to find out like they did for her. So I have two other sources, but if everything falls through I'm praying for a cold!

After reading of the rest of the you must fill out this information before heading to the hospital and please register for classes ASAP, she left the room to see if the Dr was around. She then moved me to the other room and told me to undress from the waist down and if the Dr couldn't come today then the Nurse Practitioner could take care of everything. Whatever, I didn't care I was still mad about the whole sex thing.

So we get to the other room and I start undressing. Let me tell you, going to the OB/GYN isn't fun or comfortable when you are's even worse with your husband staring at your half naked body jumping up on the table.

Anyway, as I have mentioned in the past I've been having this gas issue where it starts seeping out. Well, yesterday I got gassy the minute I walked in the office door. After being moved, I tell Chad as he's flipping through the packets and we start laughing about how embarrassing it would be. Then low and behold a small fart sets free in the room. As soon as Chad looked at me like, "How could you" Dr Neal walks in the room. I seriously thought I'd have more time than that. In my mind better now than when he does the pelvic exam (since I'm up for my pap, they went ahead and did it). We are both laughing hysterically and In my mind I'm praying he doesn't lift that sheet for awhile...we tell him we are laughing at the packet info. (I'm sure he was like, what's funny about that?)

Thankfully the good Dr had a lot he wanted to talk about before getting to business. I told him about the spotting and everything and he said I'd be fine. I cut off all activity since then and he looked at Chad with the face of sympathy and told us we needed to get busy tonight. I'm sorry, NOT what you should tell my already over eager husband...especially with how unsexy I feel. :) Hahaha. Other than that, he said I'm a very low risk pregnancy and blah blah and eat better, smaller meals and exercise, which of course Chad has to throw in his good sense. It was then I realized I wanted a woman doctor who could understand that morning sickness has made me feel gross about most protein, but too late.

Then we got to the good stuff. Baby G is looking very much like a baby! The Dr kept making me laugh and the baby would move. It was sooooo cool. At one time it looked like he was waving at us. Heart is beating just fine and everything looks great. :) YEA!! They didn't give me a size, but I read somewhere else an inch. The size of a walnut.

Then the dreaded pelvic exam. Must they do this with my husband basically seated at my feet. I'm sure he got a nice few. I'm so humbled. But, I guess he's about to see a whole lot more. At least I didn't have a gas issue.

Chad and I laughed and had so much fun the whole time we were there....even under the awkward circumstances and positions of my body. Dr. Neal was loving it. He said he's really looking forward to working with us because we are so fun. The feeling is mutual, even though he doesn't remember me from Jane Doe. He didn't even know he performed surgery on me earlier this year!

After leaving the eventful OB/GYN, I was off to my first personal training appointment. SO worth every dime we are paying for it. She worked me harder than I have ever been worked. But, being that she's a woman (who has had kids) she knew when to let me rest, where not to put pressure, etc. I'm really happy I'm working with a trainer.

Okay, back to work....

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