Thursday, March 31, 2005

14 week, 4 days

We made it to the second trimester!! YEA!!

This week we had our 14 week appointment. When the nurse brought us in she informed us that we were having a sonogram today. After she left Chad and I looked at each other totally confused...I thought I only got two. Chad suggests that we ask the doctor NOT to do one this time, but to do it next time instead so we can find out the sex. I wanted to also.

So the doctor comes in laughing and joking with Chad, as usual. Tells me everything is looking good. He said my blood count and iron were a little low but nothing to be concerned about. He also said my weight was looking good...yea, time at the gym is paying off. Then he says, "let's take a look." As I'm laying back I look at Chad and go for it.

"So, in the packet it says that we only get two sonograms at the beginning of the pregnancy, I'm just wondering does is this one? I'm I really not going to learn the sex of the baby?"

He smiled. "Oh, honey. Of course if you want to find out you can. We have to put that in there for the mean people, obviously not you guys, who expect to see the baby on every trip. If you've been here a few times and haven't seen your baby in awhile, tell me and we'll look at it. I don't even charge you guys for these. You could end up like my nurse with 17 pictures of your baby!"

I was so happy, I knew I loved him! He starts looking around and the baby is in a funny position laying over the placenta. We saw the heartbeat and the spine. The Dr made a comment about the long legs and then he laughs, "Haha, you guys want to know the sex of this kid?" My heart skipped, he could tell?? I'm looking at the same picture but can't see a thing!

He continues, "In my twenty years of practice I've never been so sure about the sex of the baby so early. It looks as though you're having yourselves a boy...look at that!"

Chad immediately starts with the, "That's MY boy." He and the Dr are acting like typical men. Dr actually takes a picture of the lower half of the baby....PLAINLY showing his goods. And that is that. Now, we aren't going to go painting the room blue or anything, we will get further confirmation, but it's pretty obvious from the picture.

Picture here

So, we have a boy. Chad and I wanted a boy first, so we are really happy. We are 95% sure about the name as well...Kai Gale Gundersen. Gale is a family name that Chad has to pass on (his middle name, his dads middle name and grandfathers name). Kai (rhymes with "tie") is the only name we both really liked. Chad found it in the Danish section of a name book and he is Danish, so he really liked that. I used to babysit a Kai and always loved his name.

So Baby G is now Kai....for now...or maybe I should just keep calling him G until I am more sure.

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