Monday, March 14, 2005

12 weeks, 1 day

WooHoo! 12 weeks. Most would say I am into the safe zone...yippee!!

Well, I was excited today because I though I could post that I had made it to the second trimester, but it turns out that doesn't start for a few more weeks. :( Oh well.

So, this weekend I bought my first maternity clothes. I bought a pair of capris, a dress, and several shirts (that are FAR too big for me). I'm very excited because Dana, my big sister, sent me two boxes full of her stuff. It should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm so happy because she wears the CUTEST stuff. Even though I can technically wear maternity clothing, I'm choosing not to for the most part. I realize that I'll be in them for the next 6 months...I'm not one to jump into anything. For now I'll be using the rubberband trick. (thanks Liz)

This weekend was also my little sister, Meagan's last weekend as a single woman!! We had so much fun hanging out all weekend while the boys played golf. My bridesmaid dress wasn't fitting right all of last week, I was so scared. But, when I took it in on Saturday morning for alterations, it fit just fine. I swear it's because I bloat up during the day. I'm having my second fitting in the afternoon Tuesday so we can make last minute adjustments if needed. I keep having nightmares that my dress will split when I help Meagan straighten her train. What's that about....I didn't even have wedding nightmares about my own day, but I'm having them about hers. I guess its worse to screw up someone elses wedding rather than your own!

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