Tuesday, March 08, 2005

11 weeks, 2 days

Just preregistered for the hospital, registered with Healthy Pregnancy Program from my insurance, and classes. All during lunch! Wow!

So, I'm trying to learn more about hospital stays and how long people stay. Chad said some people never stay the night. They just pop a baby out and go, but most people I know spend about two days in the hospital. I called the hospital today and the total cost, no extras to stay at the hospital is $4345 for day one...$5313 if you stay two days. That's a lot of cash. I can't imagine if I didn't have insurance! But still, that's $500 for me to pay. I forgot to ask about infant care, but I hear that is about $1500. I'm amazed! I've heard people say basic Tylenol runs about $200 for two pills....whatever, I'll be taking my own thank you very much!!

Then, the doctor charge for natural, uncomplicated delivery is $2442.00 (all OB appts and delivery, $190 for each sonogram additional). So an additional $300...but that has to be paid by us by our 7th month. An epidural, should I choose to have one, runs, from what I hear, about $600....so $60. And then I have to find infant care.

I'm sitting here amazed. I'm truly so blessed to have insurance. Especially the good insurance my company provides....however, I'm still pissed that it isn't the flat $250 that it was last year.

Classes. We signed up for Prepared Childbirth/Breastfeeding. It basically will run all summer. I asked if that was too early and they said no. I'm excited. I think it'll all start settling in when we start those. However, I hope it doesn't turn out like "Baby Story"...freaking me out.

Alright, lunch is over.

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