Tuesday, June 02, 2009

2 weeks....really?

It feels like FOREVER since I had that baby....well forever and yet yesterday.

Things are going well. Its been much more of an adjustment than I was thinking. I know, how could I not know it would be an adjustment, but I just think that I thought since I had done this before it would come naturally...um, yeah, not so. Things are starting to even out some. I actually have worn makeup the last three days...wahoo....now if i could just wash my hair daily! :)

I'm not even what to share here....

** Kenlee slept 8 hours the last two nights. Of course, the 8 hours is preceded by a constant fussy nursing session from about 6-8 in the evening. BUT, its a lot easier to deal with those times this time since I've done it before with Kai AND since I"m being rewarded with sleep.

** Kenlee has a bit of a projectile issue that really threw me for a loop last week. I know, I know, babies do it all of the time. But Kai was tough as nails. Didn't matter what I ate, didn't matter if he burped, didn't matter how long he nursed....NO puking. It started on her 8th day...projectiling after almost every meal. Yes, I know the difference in projectile and spit-up. By Wednesday, with the help of still wavering hormones, I hit rock bottom. I just cried and cried and cried. I think it was because I felt so bad for her and because I was frustrated b/c I knew I was doing everything I knew to do. We had her adjusted twice and finally I took her to the doctor. God bless him, he knew I didn't want to medicate and he was so encouraging....I paid $30 to hear more encouragement and I'm totally cool with that. I have noticed when I have large quantities of dairy (ahem - ice cream) the vomiting picks up...yet, small doses (like cheese on eggs) don't bother her at all. So, I'm watching my dairy intake, holding her upright for 30 min after each meal (exhausting in the middle of the night), and making sure she doesn't over eat (which is hard when nursing but luckily she's taking a paci).

** Kai is adjusting. He's been awesome. Less time outside playing. Less of my attention. I feel like I fail him daily, but I know its all normal here in the beginning. At the same time, on those rough days, he reminds me that all of this passes and is temporary. He reminds me that I'm a good mom despite how I feel. He's started to get pretty defiant during nursing. Its like he knows I can't get up and spank him. UGH!

** Preschool has ended. I didn't realize how attached I was to Kai's preschool....I didn't realize how attached HE was. He was so sad on the last day. I have signed him up for 5 days during the summer, so that's good. BUT, he prays for Mrs Donna and Jacob every night and tells me often he misses his friends. I promise I'll do better about getting him out soon. His preschool sent us a CD of pictures through the year - I LOVE IT! They also sent home a folder of "work" he did from each month. I feel so attached to the school!!!

** Chad is blowing and going with film work. We are SO blessed. The timing may not always be ideal, but praise God that he has been 100% in film making (no training) for a year and a half now.

** Summer is here and I'm sad I haven't taken Kai to the pool. That was my favorite part of last summer. Hopefully in a few weeks we'll have a decent schedule going where I can take Kai....um and wear my cover-up!! :)

** I need clothes, but its so hard because I don't intend to stay this size for long.

** I have two HUGE boxes of maternity clothes I'm not sure what to do with. They range all seasons....do I divide them up?? Do I donate them?? This is my last child. I plan to have my tubes tied at some point this year. What to do?!?!

** Nursing, while not always easy, is such a bonding time. I love it. Pumping, on the other hand, annoys me. While I want to have the milk, being stuck to the machine for 15 min at a time sticks. Even worse when my 3 year old stands there and stares at me.

** AH!! Kai and nursing....yeah, that has been funny. Quotes: "Mommy, why does Kenlee chew your nipple." "Mom, milk just came out of that nipple" "Kenlee needs to eat from you mommy." (PS - who taught my kid nipple)

Okay....that's enough randomness for now!!


Kelly said...

Kai's nursing quotes remind me of what Kaylin said the first time Jonathan cried in the hospital - "Mommy, Jonathan wants to swing from your bewbies again!" Swing from them?! I wasn't aware that's how it looked, but ok! Kids say the funniest things!!

Debbie B said...

The twins had bad reflux and I remember them just putting Buddy in his car seat or a bouncer chair after he ate, you might try that even at night for a few weeks.

That's great that Kai was/is so attached to his school and friends. You should see if the other parents want to do a play date so they can see each other. Yeah, what time to do that right??