Monday, June 15, 2009

4 weeks - updates

Wow. Is time flying or standing still? Depends on the day. I'm still not able to make too many complete thoughts without interruption, so I'll do my best in updating...

* Kenlee is an awesome nighttime sleeper. She'll go 10-5 (almost 6) every night. The problem is the hours leading up to that time. Lots of rocking, nursing and praying she'll just peter out! :)

* Kenlee, like her brother, HATES her car seat. Child spends most of the time screaming. I envy the women walking around with these happy children in infant seat. BAH!

* Holy heat! Its hot here in Texas, like, realllllly hot. Unfortunately, we haven't hit the worst yet. Ugh. My poor baby Kenlee has a terrible heat rash (also called prickly heat). It looks just horrible. and is all over her face and neck. It looks fine while she's calm or sleeping, but the moment she wakes up, gets upset or starts nursing...BAM red everywhere. I'm hurting for her. Sadly, the only thing you can do at this age is keep her inside, cool and dry. :(

* Kai, my sweetest boy....well, Kai has decided to get pretty darn ornery recently. I'm talking daily spankings. :( I knew it would come, but its so hard for me. But, eh, I had a little sister and I turned out fine!

* Kai has decided that naps just aren't happening. I think this is mainly due to the fact we aren't getting out and doing much. On days where he has been active, he naps - sometimes - but for the most part, its "quiet time."

* Kai is signed up for a few summer school sessions starting tomorrow. I know he's going to LOVE seeing his preschool friends again. I am looking forward to some time "alone" even if it is just at home.

* Nursing is going well. Its one of those things that you do because you love your child and its best - but it sometimes sucks! I love nursing, I was looking forward to nursing again, but I forgot just how demanding it is. I forgot how confusing it can be, is she getting enough, is my milk making her fussy, do i have enough milk stored, should i go pump right now, is this a growth spurt? and on and on and on....

* Kenlee survived her first Texas storm! :) Wednesday night we had a HUGE storm blow through town. It took out massive trees from almost every house on my street. I have to honestly say, I have never, in 29 years of living in Texas seen wind like that. 80 + MPH wind....did you know you can actually SEE the wind when i blows that hard??? I stood back away from the door windows (which are small and sturdy) so I could at least see some of what was going on (hello, i LOVE storms!!)....the rest of the time i spent pacing the hallway with Kenlee (chad and Kai at church) and worrying how Kai was doing (since he hates storms). I couldn't BELIEVE how long the wind lasted too... We lost quite a few shingle patches and the rest of our fence. It looked so much worse as it was occurring...i saw one of the patches fly from the roof....that was wild. We had no power for 12 hours (which was better than most in my area) and had to stay at my mother-in-laws for the evening. The storms never let up, so Kai, Chad and myself shared a queen bed...Kai only there because he was scared. Kenlee slept in the other room and grunted her way to happiness (next item) and I flew through disposable diapers (another item) and all night long I thought about my freezer stash of milk.... I was never more glad to be home than I was on Thursday....and boy did we all take great naps!

* Kenlee is SUCH a noisy baby!! She's such a grunting/snorting sleeper. So bad, that at just one week, I put her in her room. (Kai slept with us, I believe 4 or 5 weeks) The night we stayed at Merrilee's because of the storm all night long I thought she was getting up just because I heard her snort. I keep the monitors low so I only hear crying at night otherwise, I'd never sleep. Hope, for her future husbands sake, she cuts that out! :)

* Diapers. I like cloth. I don't LOVE it like some people do. It is no easier / harder than disposables. The stink is the same. The biggest difference is the laundry and no blowouts. Yes, I do laundry (for just diapers) every other day. It doesn't take any time at all so I really can't complain although sometimes I want to. We've been four weeks without a blowout. This is huge. With Kai we got pooped on all of the time! Okay, not ALL the time, but enough to remember it. I often don't even know that she has pooped unless I hear or feel it as it occurs. They rock at containing messes! OH, and how can I forget the money. The other night I took disposable to my mother-in-laws and I was amazed at how many I went through. I don't think about the cloth diapers since all i have to do is wash and reload, but every time I pulled another disposable out I cringed! I haven't "saved" money yet per se, but starting this month I will...actually probably this week....if i had a brain I'd do a whole diaper follow up....

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Debbie B said...

Great update especially with half a brain!! So glad Kenlee is sleeping so well at night for you. I'm sure it's a huge help with two of them.

Have they told you any lotion of anything you can put on her in the future for the heat rash? I've been waiting to get back to Belle's doctor to ask him about the same thing. She seems to get a small rash on her face when we're outside for any longer then about 10 minutes. No where near as bad as your sweet girl. I know you've got to be going crazy having to stay inside so much.