Saturday, June 27, 2009

Only me.

So, I get home this afternoon from a whirlwind morning(whole other
post) to find a box of baby clothes on my doorstep.

The note attached says, "Thought you may be able to use these as my
daughter outgrew them pretty fast. B (Linda's daughter - **insert
address from across the street**)"

Linda, Linda, Linda.... Not ringing a bell. B - hum isn't that Karen's
daughters name...didn't she have a baby in February? look across the
street...oh, Karens address is XX. OMG, is Karen's name really Linda??

Hot sweeps over me. Have called this lady the wrong name for THREE
years?!? She's outside, should I say something??? No wonder she never
hears me when I say her name in public....AK!!!

I ran over and said, "Tell B thank you so much for the clothes they
are the perfect size and season. By the way, your name is Linda?? For
three years I've been calling you Karen!" She laughed, "It's okay
honey no big deal." What, that's it?!?! You never corrected me?? f
course, I don't say that just smile back, finish my small talk and
rush back home.

I'm an idiot!

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