Monday, March 16, 2009

Toddler Will

Two things I hate hearing right now:

1) I don't want to eat/sleep/got to the park

2) I can't do it

The battle is ON in my house. I hear "I don't want to" more times than I care to count right now. Today I didn't want to go to the park, the store, eat dinner, go potty, take a nap, see talk to mimi, go to the gym, talk to daddy, eat my lunch.....UGH!!!!

My main issue right now is eating. "I don't want to eat" closely followed by "I'm hungry, I want a snack." Like every other mean mother out there I'm choosing to stick to my food guns. Your plate stays until you longer how late it gets. Can I tell you how many times we have gone and gotten in bed only to get out and finally eat our meal?!?! When will he learn? You are going to eat my food or nothing.

Of course, we got here by slacking off. Since being pregnant I have hardly cooked (that's changing now) so Kai got what Kai wanted for almost six months. Now that I'm cooking and preparing meals again, he wants the fun easy to cook foods he was getting. So yeah, my bad, but I will break this habit.

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Debbie B said...

Yeah! So glad you decided to try blogging again! And you have a nice fancy new background.

Good luck with training him to eat well again.