Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It's so funny how time changes a person. I was rereading my cloth diapering blog thinking, people probably think I'm insane. Then I was thinking that my next post would be about midwifery....which would REALLY have people thinking I'm crazy. Not that either of those is "weird" in and of themselves, but if you have known me even for 5 years, you'd know how strange it is that I have converted.

I used to pride myself with the medicine cabinet I had. You needed a drug to fix something chances are pretty darn high I had it. If I didn't have what I wanted, I'd call the Dr. and get it called in. Today, I call the healthfood store down the street or check my Prescription For Natural Healing book.

Just funny how we change...

Now seriously, if I decide to homeschool (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with it - just not Chad and I's thing), please call and check on me. :)

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