Friday, March 20, 2009


So, for you parents, when did your child finally drop the nap?

Slowly but surely our naps are disappearing. No one values nap time more than I do, I swear. When Kai was a baby, I was regimented about nap schedules. As he grew older, I have continued to enforce nap time, even if it means leaving places early or not going at all. Yes, I believe sleep is THAT important!

Up until about a month ago Kai was still taking three hour naps. Yes, some days were harder to get him to GO to sleep than others, but if your child finally falls asleep and sleeps that long, clearly they aren't ready to give it up. Some time in February, Kai drastically cut his nap in half to an hour to an hour and a half MAX. AK! To make matters worse, the only way I can get him to go down is to lay with him until he falls asleep. I swore I would NEVER EVER do that, but I was/am so tired from being in late pregnancy, it is worth it to me to at least get the nap.

Today, Kai napped for 30 min. Ugh. I'm so not ready for this stage to end and even more so because of the arrival of Kenlee!!

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Julianne said...

The disappearance of naps is so tough! I used to lie down with Chloe some days just so she had me all to herself for a little bit. It was good for both of us. Ava (4) only naps about every third day now. On the other days she has a basket or bin of books, puzzles and quiet toys that she can only look at during the family quiet time that lasts an hour and a half every day. She must stay on her bed during that time. It took her awhile to work up to staying on her bed for the full quiet time, but she does. At first there were many days when she would start out with the basket of stuff and then eventually fall asleep. Hope you get some rest!