Saturday, May 16, 2009

wow. she's here.

**I started this at 10am yesterday, labor day....I haven't had time to edit at all so excuse all errors but I wanted to get it posted.***

Since I'm still too hyped up to sleep, I'm going to write this birth story out with a baby on my chest. if you don't want o read the nitty gritty...don't read this post. I'm writing it for me so i can remember.

Tuesday, May 12th: Appointment. Having good inconsistent contractions. 80% effaced, 2 cm dilated, -1 station

Thursday, May 14th: Mucous plug starts to come out.

Friday, May 15th: Lots of walking at Main Street Days. :) Had lots and lots of stares and smiles. Finished up work in the nursery and took a good nap. Got checked after I called questioning color of mucous plug. Was told "No change" but later found out dilation had reduced some. Having irregular contractions, loose stools, back pressure all afternoon. Ate some yummy orange chicken with my favorite gals (mom and meg) and headed to Target. After hitting up Target, more walking around the gym track while Chad played volleyball. All signs of early labor completely disappeared by 8:30. I spend all night working on a labor play list (**grin**). Bed around 11:30.

Saturday, May 16th
3:08 am - Something felt like it popped/snapped in my body. Whatever it was it shook me from sleep and hurt like crazy. I immediately feel crampy/contractions. I also notice it has just started to storm and am praying Kai doesn't wake up to get in bed with us.

I go potty and realize, "oh THESE are contractions." Lots more mucous now. I sit on the ball for a min but they are coming fast and strong so I yell at chad to run me a bath. (poor guy had only just come to bed!) I get in and contractions are 1 min longer approx 5 min apart....but they are so strong that i have to moan through them. I'm thinking, I can't be that mom that calls too early. Especially because I knew Ann had just birthed a baby earlier in the evening...I wanted her to have her rest. I tell Chad, a few more consistent contractions and then i want his mom there even if we aren't leaving soon. In my mind I'm wondering where the calm quiet labor I was expecting is. The next contractions rocks me and I tell him that this has to be labor and I want his mom there now...I also suddenly realize I *need* to be at the birth center. We call Ann.

Poor thing. I can tell over the phone how exhausted she sounds. I remember telling her "I don't want to do this in the car." Her response, "sounds like you're going to have to" I have two contractions on the phone and hand it back to Chad. I can tell she's saying you need to come in. And then it just went downhill. I was trying to gather everything and all the while am being brought to my knees in pain. It felt like forever until Merrilee got to our house. I go to kiss Kai, but become very afraid of waking him, so I just touch him and hurry out before doubling over again.

4 am - Merrilee gets there and i head straight to the car. Demand the ac on, water, a pillow, then I feel like I'm going to be sick. The rain is pouring and I can tell its going to be a long ride. I'm timing my own contractions on my phone (yes, there's an app for that Labor Mate). I remember my bottom hurting and not wanting to sit. I remember Chad running red lights. I remember the rain covering our street. I remember ripping the seat belt off. At some point I had demanded Chad call Ann and have a bath for me. No way I was getting anywhere but that tub. (I have the contraction log I'll post in a bit from the car ride)

4:40 am - We get to birth center and I can't get out of the car. No way I wanted to walk. I was shaking and felt sick. They helped me straight to the tub. Ah, the tub. My comfort and torture chamber (I kid). Ann checks me after a few contractions and tells someone in the room "8." Two things run through my brain, "How on earth?" and "Praise the Lord."

I don't really recall much about the next hour....or rather I recall WAY too much. I remember lots and lots of moaning. I remember frozen rags that I loved between contractions and hated during them. I remember being told my mom was there and saying, "i don't care" which is SO odd for me. I remember how peaceful it was between contractions and how once one started everyone cheering me on. I don't hardly remember opening my eyes while in the tub. I remember hating having to have the doppler put on even though I knew it was best for baby. I remember exactly when my water broke and what noise I made. I remember contraction after contraction....and then suddenly I'd had a small break and think, "what's wrong."

At some point Ann told me I needed to move positions, either in the tub or out. I had always intended to labor in the tub but knew a water birth really wasn't what I wanted, so after the next contraction I stood up and got out...once I got to the room another one started and I just collapsed. This must have been the hardest part for me. I was SO uncomfortable but I could honestly not will my body to move...everything hurt at that point. They were trying to get me comfortable but it just hurt worse and worse. Finally, I ended up on all fours...which let me say is the ONE position I did NOT want to be in when I had previously thought about labor (funny, I think I'll have to do an expectation post next.)

Pushing. Yeah. I didn't even realize it was time to push until they were telling me. Well, let me say, I realized it but I just kept assuming it was too soon...hadn't we just got there? I could hear the thunder outside and the hushed voices around me. Pushing was exactly what I had noises were not. :) Thankfully having such trained people around they coached me through even what noises to make. I realize that sounds odd, but it helped. I was holding Chad's hand when pushing and oh my how happy I am that he is strong. Judging on the soreness in my traps and bis, I'd say I wasn't focusing all of my efforts on pushing. I think they said the pushing only lasted 15 min. I was very aware of each movement being made, but each one felt like progress.

5:58 am - I'll never forget her first cry. I yelled, "She's out" cause it sure didn't feel like it. But, she wasn't...just very ready to be vocal (hum, wonder where she get THAT!). Two (?) more big pushes and she was out. My mom rushed into the room. My first thought was, "Is she really a girl?" And everyone laughed. Chad cried. I sat there in amazement that I was holding my baby.

"I did it." That is all I can/could think. After the discouragement of those around me doctors and peers alike....I did it. When I exclaimed in the room, "See a VBAC is possible!" I remember one of the midwives looking at me and saying, "I totally forgot you were a VBAC!"

After delivery they wait until the cord stops pulsing before cutting it....all the while I am holding my new baby. No rushing off to be weighed, no bright lights....just calm. I remember when they were examining me they were using a flashlight. In hindsight, I understand why but that's kinda funny!

Next I was shifted to my herbal bath where I got to bathe Kenlee. This is where she nursed he first time as well. It was so peaceful. Candles, my hubby and my new baby....I get teary thinking about how nice it was.

Following the herbal bath, I got back in the bed and invited my family that had arrived back for the newborn exam. I thought this was especially important for everyone to see how things were done. Ann asked if we had any guesses on weight, I did not but heard some of the others 6 lb 7 oz; 7 lbs....I think we were all a little shocked when we heard 8 lb 1 oz. SAY WHAT??

After the newborn exam, we had breakfast in bed and went through standard paperwork. Sometime Kai got there. I cleared the room and introduced Kai to Kenlee. He wasn't too interested. I mean, he looked at her, but I honestly think he was expecting a toddler! :) Then he was ready to go play with his toys. Ha. Kids!

We finished our paperwork and out the door by 8:15. We drove through the parking lot of Lyndee salon since it was right there (poor thing was the only one not to be able to make it!) so she could see the baby. I was home in my own bed by 9 am - a mere six hours from that earth shattering pop.



Jess said...

Wow...what an amazing experience!

dianthe said...

congratulations Amanda - i am so happy for you and so proud that you were able to experience your birth the way you wanted - what a fantastic story!!

House of Brodt said...

Truly an amazing and beautiful birth story. You did DO it, didn't you?!?! So glad you were able to do it the way you wanted to and that everything went well and quickly as well. I am sure it was completely amazing!

annajanine said...

What an amazing story, Amanda! Congratulations on proving everyone wrong. You are so strong. Enjoy Kenlee!

Debbie B said...

Wow! Yeah, that's about all I can say.