Sunday, July 08, 2007

Week 4 of Get With It

Hahaha. So, on to week 4 of Get With It 2007. Get With It is the running training program I'm doing in Colleyville with Luke's Locker. I'm having an excellent time. I'm starting to realize why people seldom lift weights while training for runs...there simply is not enough time to do both...or energy.

I'm laughing thinking back on Liz's post a few months ago when she got started running. She said it best, at first its to the mail box, then it to the next block, etc. When she started I laughed thinking that I could never even run to the end of my street.

When I heard about Luke's I said no over and over thinking there would be no way. First off, I'm in horrible "cardio" shape. I'm really good at lifting, but I'm talking can only manage about 5 minutes on the elliptical - TOPS. Also, every time I'd tried running in the past, I'd get injured. I remember in college my friend Laura and I tried to start running, I got so injured that I couldn't even leap. (I know that sounds funny, but you know how you have to "leap" in essence in a stride?? - Basically my knees!) I also had a history of bad shin splints. Well, its week four and I'm still going...and without injury.

When I signed up, I told them all about my previous issues and they told me my shoes were my problem. Sure enough I was suckered into buying shoe's that their store sells, but you know what, I think it has made all of the difference in the world!

Also, I like their training program, they start off pretty slow. I was shocked that even after missing a week of training I was still able to keep up with everyone this weekend. Actually, huge milestone - I ran my very first mile! We walked 6.5m, jogged 17m, walked 6.5. I honestly cannot believe how easy it came to me. Of course, I'm also realizing the difference in jogging and running. I'm a good jogger! :)

So-the goal is 13.1 miles...which seems like such a far fetched goal when I just ran my first. I logged on to Map My Run to see just how far that was. I thought my parents house would be 13 miles, um, nope 6.5...WTH?? So in theory, by December, I should be able to run to my parents house and back on the back roads....CRAZY!

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Debbie said...

Hppd Job. I'm impressed. Cool site too. I've decided I am for sure joining WW btw.