Monday, July 02, 2007


Well, the surgery went just fine. I slept the better part of Friday and Saturday, but by Sunday I had major cabin fever. I've taken only a few painkillers...actually, only one today.

I hit the road this afternoon...maybe a little too early! Nothing is worse than finally getting your rear in shape and then having to sit around all weekend. I felt like a complete blob. I now understand better why Chad always says he doesn't feel very good when he doesn't work out. ANYWAY, I held my Bible study this evening, got the Man to bed and decided to go for a leisurely stroll. Well, 5 min in I decided to see how my body would react to a slight jog. I was able to jog comfortably about five minutes..I'm happy about that.

The worst thing about this particular surgery is they fill you with gas (CO2) to move your organs and better look around. Well, that gas isn't in a place that it can easily escape (ie, you can't burp or fart it out), it just has to absorb. think the gas is worse than the cuts. I thought it was gone, but after my jog it returned to my sholder and under my ribcage....yucK!

The Baby is sick too. :( He has the worst snotty nose. He's actually in there snoring! Poor baby.

Oh. someone just emailed me odd

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Debbie said...

That's the resort someone said they're building out by Alliance airport soon.
Very cool! Can't wait to sky again!