Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My weight story...

I feel really silly posting this, but its on my mind.

I always have rolled my eyes at commercials on TV for WW, Curves, etc. I mean, come on, how hard is it to lose weight?? I was a size four and taking enough OTC drugs to keep my appetite low and metabolism high. I had never stepped foot in a gym before and had over indulged in a diet of beer, bar food and fast food. What did I know.

Four years ago I stopped taking all of those wonderful over the counter drugs and it didn't take long for my body to realize all the help I had been receiving. Almost immediately I gained 10 pounds. 120 to about 130. This was right when I met Chad. He got me into a gym and started teaching me the basics of weight lifting, but we didn't change our diet.

Once we got engaged we were on a mission to look good, heck, who isn't. Our wedding was to take place on the beach, so we felt extra pressure. We ate nothing but oatmeal, egg whites, chicken, salad and brown rice for 3 months...and it paid off. I got married looking fabulous and weighing 128.

But then married life set in. I started a new job further away from home, so hitting the gym was harder, which led to little time to prepare dinner (ha, and i used to think i had no time). The pounds started to come back on. We ate sensible, but not like we were prewedding. On my 25 birthday, I bought my first pair of size 8 jeans. I went to Chad humbly and professed how sorry I was that I had quit working so hard. He said I was fine. I asked, "at what point would you start encouraging me to go back to the gym" he replied, "140." I watched that scale get to 138 and then...I got pregnant.

Pregnancy was not pretty to me. You can read all about it on my pregnancy blog. I gained 60 pounds. I worked out, I didn't eat horrible, but certainly not as healthy as I could. I Got home from the hospital after delivering that bundle of joy weighing 198!

Motherhood and working leave very little alone time, very little time to take care of yourself time. FOr the last two years I started my diets over and over again. It's not like I didn't know what to do, my husband is a trainer for goodness sake, but eating all of that boring food day after day was getting me nowhere. Looking back on this blog you can see how many time I vowed to loos the weight.

At some point last summer i made it to the 140's again...but the scale never budged. I'd weigh, nothing. I'd go to the gym, nothing. I couldn't understand. I knew everything i needed to do, but nothing was working.

At the beginning of May, as I've posted before, I started going out of control with my eating. THe scale had been hoovering around 143/144, but was starting to creep back up. I was eating everything in sight, without remorse. My friend, whose husband is also a trainer (and who gave Chad and I our wedding diets), told me that she had joined WW despite what her DH thought about it. She just needed something new. SHe and I had personally talked about it several times, but knew we'd come against some major opposition seeing that our Dh's so this for a living.

I thought about it and really wished I could bring it up to Chad, but was totally afraid. Finally after seeing the zoo pictures and then asking Chad if I were bigger or smaller than *blank* I knew something had to be done. The next morning I got up and proclaimed, "I'm going to WW, this has to stop."

Looking back I'm sure Chad was shaking his head all morning praying that I might stick to something longer than two weeks. When I signed up, rather than putting me down, he encouraged me.

Since that day, every drop of food that goes in my mouth gets logged. I'm on a constant quest of the internet to find new recipes and foods. I've busted out the measuring spoons and cups and scale and measure everything I put on my plate. My thought is, heck, I'm paying for it, it better work. And it does. Its amazing.

I can't believe the weight that I've lost and all the food I've been eating. I don't feel deprived, or hungry, I feel revived! I'm eating what I want, when I want and I'm losing weight.

I'm going to start posting on here my recipes and food finds like some of the other blogs I read. Hopefully my research can help others too. I may even start posting everything that I eat...only if you don't laugh b/c I eat A LOT!

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Debbie said...

That will encourage me. And the recipes will really help. If I only cooked more....