Friday, July 20, 2007

The refigerator hates me!

So, the other day, Chad and I come home from the grocery store and start going through our usual routine of cutting up all of the produce to be stored and easily accessible for the rest of the week.

He hand me the container of pineapple and I god to put it in the fridge. When I open the door, one of the door shelves flies out and lands on the floor. All of our jams and things break and scatter around the floor. We have a brief we-aren't-going-to-get-upset-over-this laugh and I start cleaning. I even had to vacuum because of all of the glass.

Once everything is cleaned up I go to open the fridge, again, to put the pineapple up. Low and behold, ANOTHER side shelf flies out at me. What the heck??? At this point, I'm kinda mad because twice now i've had to clean the floor up (and I just put all the cleaning stuff back up) and we've lost even more food. At the same time, its pretty funny.

Our refrigerator came with the house. The sticker on the inside says 1992. Its an almond side by side. The water and ice maker don't work. When we moved in, someone had left something in it when the power had been shut off - yeah, that was gross. I swore I wouldn't use it. I remember the day that my mother-in-law came over with gloves and ammonia and taught me how to complete clean that horrible thing.

It served us well for the past three years. Several times, Chad and I ventured out and looked at different fridges, but really, we needed other things before we needed to replace a working appliance.

But Sunday, after the second drawer feel out, my loving husband looked and me and said, "tomorrow I want you to go buy a new fridge." I agreed, the time had come.

So, Monday morning, I was at Sears when the doors opened. I walked right in, opened every fridge there and finally came upon "the one." After selecting "the one" it wasn't able to be delivered until the end of July. That wasn't going to work. So they worked a deal and somehow I got a fridge that was $500 more expensive than the one I had chosen, for the price of my original selection. NICE!!

For some reason, I can't get the picture to work, but i got a Black Kenmore Elite Trio. Bottom freezer, french doors, 25 cu ft. Funny enough, the old fridge was 25 cu ft, but this one hold so much more. It was jam packed in the old one, now you open the new one and it looks like we never buy groceries. I even have a whole watermelon in there right now! :)

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