Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sooooo tired.

So, apparently Kai missed the memo that yesterday was my birthday. I take that back, he remember and that is why he insisted on getting sick after midnight. Yup, last night was a long one.

Chad and I went to bed around 11pm. He's had a cold for over a week now, but this is the second time (the night before he was up 3-4) he's gotten up from it. After the night before I was hoping for a good nights sleep. At 12pm I started to hear Kai stirring. I got up to rock him at 1215ish. He was breathing so heavy through his mouth, so I knew he's nose was still bad. I gave him benadryl since the nose was so runny. Back in bed at 106. I told myself if he was back up before two, someone was making a trip to the store. You see, our vaporizer broke last year and I knew it might free up some pflem (sp?) if we had one. Sure enough Kai was back up at 145. Chad set off to WalMart and I to Kai's room. He was burning up (poor thing, first fever), gave him some motrin and hoped for the best. By 2 Chad was back with everything we needed and by 230 we all got to sleep. Kai was back up at 730. 5 hours is not enough for me!!!

Tried to go to church, but the temperature spiked again right as it was getting started. So, Kai is now napping and I'm about to head back as well....motherhood is certainly not for the weary!

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