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okay, confession, i'm OBSESSED with healthy food blogs. i read them before gossip! gasp!! in fact, the last few days, i've used, "mark all read" for my gossip!

i'm reading these blogs for several reasons, first and foremost they inspire me. these gals eat well, and i'm not talking pick a 100 cal pack over a ice cream, i'm talking LOTS of veggies, whole grains, natural cheeses. but these bloggers also demonstrate another thing, balance. they go out to eat just like the rest of us, but they always order these amazing healthy dishes. sure, sometimes i wonder how high the calories have become for the day, but it always balances out!

i love to eat well, we spend a LOT of time eating healthy in the gundersen home. so seeing ways that other people eat well motivates me. i've received lots of ideas from these blogs. for example, for years i've been buying Yoplait Light yogurt. good for you right? but then i learned about greek yogurt, no fat, high protein....wow. now, i'm not a huge fan of yogurt period. i only eat it because i know its healthy for me. greek yogurt took this to a new level. i don't LOVE it just as i don't LOVE regular yogurt, but the benefits of eating it have me going back for more. and since it takes me longer to eat - i feel more full when finishing it. total plus.

one of the latest trends in food blog world in NuVal. i'm so excited about NuVal. its a scoring system that is posted in grocery stores to help you make smarter decisions about what to buy. the higher the score the better the product is for you. For instance you walk up to yogurt section: Yoplait Light is around 60 / Greek Yogurt in the 90s depending on brand...which are you going to choose?? DUH!

i'm loving the websites that are starting to quote NuVal scores because presently this isn't available in my area. that will change soon, though, as NuVal is coming to United Markets (aka. Market Street) in 2010. Market Street isn't terribly far, but it also isn't close when I'm already packing the whole family. But they price match AND now they will have NuVal scores, so I could see me going occasionally to get familiar with my food. what an awesome at - a - glance tool. i'd really love it if albertsons, kroger, or -gasp- wal-mart would pick this up!

finally, Food Inc., a movie i would probably have rented at some point anyway but did it sooner because of all the bloggers talking about it. when i picked up this film, my husband cautioned, i'd be careful before you watch that. i love to eat. i love meat. so i was afraid this movie would be like the Skinny B***h book that gets you in and then tries to get you to go vegan. (which by the way SB has a LOT of good information - i'm just not dumping the meat! :) ) ANYWAY, so i nervously watch the movie last night and i have to say it was not all what i expected. yes, they showed chicken houses, cattle farms, etc....but the real meat (eh, pun, get it?) of the movie is about what/who is driving our food industry and standards.

i was not shocked by the conditions of the cattle farms, chicken houses, the look of the pork planets, etc. i WAS shocked by most of the information regarding the treatment of farmers and factory workers. i couldn't believe how low food standards, testing and inspection of factories are.. i was amazed and the vicious cycle we are in. and not just meat, corn and soy beans. baffled. especially since chad has family in those industries up north.

one of the more astounding parts was the family who simply could not afford to eat healthy. showed them able to buy enough food at a fast food chain to feed the family, yet that exact amount barely yielded any produce. it stated what chad and i have talked about many times - it is simply cheaper in america to eat fast food than to eat healthy. period. i watch my budget every week to go shopping. we buy loads of meats and veggies, and much less on the "inside" shelves.

the movie had the same impact as supersize me. i already knew the mcdonalds wasn't good for me, i didn't need a movie to prove that point. did i stop eating mcdonalds, no. i still go on occasion, but it certainly pops in my head when we've had fast food several days in a week. similarly, i knew the products we were consuming weren't great. i knew that i didn't really want to know where they were coming from...will it stop me from eating them? no. but i will be more careful in my selections.

we are so lucky to live in a big city where fresh farmers markets are all around. i can, a will, be shopping better for my meats. in fact, it crossed my mind last night just to buy a cow! while there, why not go ahead and get some of the fruits and veggies organic....esp those on the dirty dozen. i have access to fresh eggs, why not take advantage.

knowledge is power. i choose to be informed. i urge you to see this movie.

wow. was that a rant or what??

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