Tuesday, September 06, 2005

1 week, 2 days to go!

Pregnancy has taken a new turn. I'm miserable. I'm ready to get this baby out. I'm so tired of having to lug my fat arse around everyday. If I could have it my way, I'd spend the next week on my couch with my feet up. I'm just soooo tired.

Take last night for example....I got into bed around 830 to read, around 915 I turn off the light. Toss and turn a bit, acid reflux from dinner starts kicking in, I start sitting up intermittently to let the burps outs (what am I 2?). By 1045, I'm back up and out of bed. I go and sit with Chad in the living room. Sitting up and swayed back seems to feel the best. He urges me to try to go back to bed with him at 11. I reluctantly try. At 1245 I'm still looking at the clock. I've been up to pee a few times within the hour....I'm convinced I'm waking Chad and up so I feel bad. I'm thirsty but know better than to drink, that would send the acid reflux into overdrive. I must have fallen to sleep. Back up at 2 to pee....back up at 330 to pee and b/c I now seem to have a very sore throat. Spend sometime getting up & down adjusting my fan....just getting up is such a hassle. 445 the alarm starts to ring waking me from a horribly real dream about my doctor and losing my mucous plug. I lay there waiting to see if I can catch a little more sleep. I roll out of bed at 545. I have 15 min to get ready. :(

I read in a book once where in the last month women really "let themselves go" simply b/c they can't muster the energy to try to look good. I can relate. The book also talks about the only exception to this is the day the woman in scheduled to go see her doctor. On that day pregnant women try to look like "Mrs Maternity USA." I have to admit, this is true. I spend more time on myself the day I go see Dr Neal than any other day. I guess I feel I should impress my doctor since he probably sees many unkept pregnant women. Its sad really.

On a more positive note....I'm very excited about the arrival of my sweet Kai. I can't believe it's only a week until he will arrive. ONE WEEK!! I'm so nervous, but ready. I'm reading as much as I can and as fast as I can. I'm determined to be the worlds greatest soothing/breastfeeding mommy. I can't read enough. Sadly, I know none of this will **really** help.

Will someone please put me out of my misery!!!

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