Friday, June 15, 2007

what i've really been up to...

well, i haven't posted on here for a good reason. i was trying to get some stuff figured out personally and i felt defeated about reading my old blog.

on May 18, i joined weight watchers. (no rolling eyes people) the week prior i had been with some people and when my DH and I were alone i said, "Am I bigger or smaller than ____?" He said, without hesitation, "you're bigger." I was shocked, i didn't realize that! This was the same week that I went to Market Street for lunch and grabbed a slice (600 calories) of Italian Wedding Cake instead of the fruit I went in for. I was out of control with my eating.

If you know me, you know loving food is what I'm all about. I was constantly struggling with this holiday or that celebration or just this once. I was eating all of the time....this is even after I was doing RHC.

So, I woke up May 18th, and went straight to WW. Funny, I know, I live with a personal trainer. But, I needed something new, something different. You know they make you weigh-in when you sign was scary. 142.6 lbs. Not terrible, but not where I want to be.

I've started tracking points and exercising more often. The weight seems to be falling off, which is odd b/c usually when you have less to lose, its harder to lose. I'm constantly thinking, "i guess i had more to lose than i had thought." I've already lost 6 pounds in 4 weeks. I've lost one size from an 8 to a six (ha, i haven't bought a pair of sixes since my 24 birthday!) My goal weight is 128. I should have said 130, b/c 128 just seems to low.

Anyway, obviously DH was not originally thrilled at the decision of spending $40 a month to lose weight when he helps people lose all of the time, but whatever. I think he's better now that I'm at the month mark seeing as I normally don't make it past two weeks.

I'm hoping to be 130 by Kai's 2nd birthday in Sept and at goal by the holidays.

I also signed up at Luke's Locker for FIT2007. Basically an intro to running course. 6 months, walking to running a Half Marathon. Now, I think its seems a little far fetched that *I* could run for 3 hours in 6 months when I can hardly run 3 min at a time right now, but we'll see.

I'm still motivated. I guess losing the pounds has reminded me that I can do this. Crazy.


txsadlergurl77 said...

WW? Yea I rolled my eyes.......if you think you need WW then that means I'm over do for it, way over do cause honestly you don't need WW!You outta know being married to Chad muscle weighs more. I am at 135, and in a size 5/6. I love ya girl but stil WW.....sighs

Emily said...

Good for you!!!! I'm probably in your same boat. I don't have much to lose, just want to tone what I have! Its just so hard with night shift to make time for the gym! I always just end of rolling through chick fil a rather than taking time to make something alot healthier. I just don't know what to make!!!

Kelly said...

Good for you! I can't say enough about WW, I love it! I did it after I had K and I'm doing it again now. It's coming off, but it's very slow since I have hypothyroid this time. I'm trying not to let it bother me, is still coming off!