Friday, August 12, 2005

4 weeks, 6 days left!

I think I'm going to change all my titles to how long I have left. I just realized that all I have blogged about in the last few months is whatever happened at the doctors appointments. How boring!!

I wanted to share a little about baby movements. It's the wildest thing. I'm not really sure anyone can explain it, but I'll try. As I'm sitting here at my desk, I can feel two little feet fumbling around near the zipper of my pants. Yes, I know they are feet b/c of my last sonogram, but also because I've started to be more aware of the shapes in my belly. I think my pants must be too tight and he's trying to release the pressure. So then I unbutton and unzip my pants and sit here hiding under my desk, hoping that I remember what I've done before the next time I stand up.

I also have the joy of feeling a nice round head right under my lung. If I slouch, he'll try to push me back up. I can actually feel him flexing his back trying to get the head higher. Chad is happy about this because I keep better posture.

Not only can I feel the baby, which basically feels like pressure pushing against your insides, but I can see him. Okay, well not him, but my stomach. When he rolls his head, I can watch it roll from one side to the other on my tummy. I'm sure that if I could see where his feet are, the same would apply. Actually I know that to be true b/c Chad has seen it.

Which brings me to something else....I can't see down there. Anything below my bellybutton I can't see. I know, scary thought. I'm doing my best to keep maintained and not look like the amazon women from the videos you watch in childbirth classes, but maintaining is hard when you can't see. I've found myself in the most awkward positions trying to shave. What seems to work best is if I do it at the gym where I can lean against the back of the shower and hick my other leg up on the wall infront of me. A gross thought really, but I go to a clean gym. But still, I'm getting to big for that and my balance is so bad that I'm afraid that I'll fall. I still get out and everything is all frustrating. The only other way I've found to work is shave a little, open the shower curtain, try to look across the room in the mirror and then adjust....but this is too hard and requires me to sit down and stand up to frequently (I almost lost it last scared the tar outta me). I begged my husband to help me the other day, to which he just sat laughing. I don't understand why he wont would benefit him, right??

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