Wednesday, July 20, 2005

30 weeks, 3 days

I always seem to post on Wednesdays....wierd!

9 weeks and 4 days to go! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. A few funny things to report this week.

First off, I went to my last monthly doctor appointment. I'll now see him every two weeks until 36 weeks where we switch to weekly visits. I can't believe the time is drawing near. I must be the only one who likes going to the doctor. The girl next to me in our prepared-waste of money-childbirth class last night begged her doctor to do one more bi-weekly appointment. Maybe she doesn't like her doctor as much.

We started off the appointment by the doctor mispronouncing our name...Mrs. Goooondersen. I've corrected him before, but he doesn't remember. Whatever, he'll remember during labor because I'll probably yell at him. :P He went on saying that everything looked good, but my weight had "gone up slightly" again. I gave him my best, "Give me a freaking break" look and he continued that as long as I don't weigh more than Chad he's okay....whatever that means.

Then we get to the measuring part. My fundus (from pubic bone to top of the uterus) is measuring 34cm....four weeks bigger that it should be. Last time it was three weeks bigger. I said, "great, he's measuring 4 weeks earlier..." before I could finish the statement he butts in and says, "No, not earlier, bigger. This baby isn't coming earlier unless we induce." UGH!

So then I ask my questions, preferred pediatricians, who will deliver my baby if you aren't around, etc. He had some great recommendations. Also, I was happy to hear that he delivers 98% of all his do the rest of the people in his group. Especially if you are in labor on a weekday.

We also talked about induction. Since Chad and I know an anesthesiologist we would like to use, he mentioned an induction as a way to have the team I want to have there. Now, I've considered induction before, but I know Chad probably doesn't like the idea. He is all about natural birth and inducing isn't natural by far! I've decided to hold my tongue on the topic until later in the pregnancy.

In class we discussed pain management methods and c-section births. I didn't realize there were options outside of an epidural for pain management. They can give you Demerol to "take the edge off" at first, if you still want the epidural you can ask for it later when you are in more active labor. I already knew it wasn't best to epidural until later in labor and wondered how long I could make it. Then I started thinking maybe I could make it on Demerol alone. As we walked out, I told Chad that I thought I'd try going with the Demerol at first. His response, "How about try with nothing." At times like those I just want him to try to give birth. I'm SO over it. (Now I'm getting mad....I wasn't mad last night. I'm having a hormone rage!)

Also, I started leaking collostrum this weekend. YUCK! It wasn't much. I sat down at the computer and my shirt was a little wet. I thought I spilled something, but this is the second time in the last few months that I had noticed something. So, I look at my boob and low-and-behold there is something seeping out. It's so funny because you know that that is what they are there for, but its weird to see them come to life. It stopped pretty fast and I haven't seen anything since, but still it was a little weird.

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